16 Jul 2012

Kitchen Blunder

I am the first to admit that I'm not a great cook, in fact I'm not a fan of cooking much at all. Planning meals to please everyone in my family gives me a headache at the best of times.
I am however, not a 'bad' baker, and I can whip up some mean desserts. ( I even won a fridge by entering a dessert into a magazine competition ) but I will post that yummy treat at a later date :)

Last night I did the unthinkable !! I made a cheesecake, not my usual yummy homemade cheesecake that leaves everyone in my family fighting over the last piece, but one from a packet. A WHAT ? Yes a packet !! BIG mistake !! It was disgusting, it was uneatable, to put it bluntly, it belonged in the bin and that is exactly where it ended up....even my boys spat it out ( a truly amazing sight ) my boys, turning their noses up at food ! A sight that had me speechless and us all in fits of laughter. After all, the teenagers in my house eat anything and everything.
Never again will I put a packet mix into my trolley, It's home baking only at my place from now on.

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