27 Jul 2012

Mixed Emotions

Right now, I am smiling, in fact I would go as far as saying that I am as happy as a pig in mud !! All my chicks are back under one roof ( well for the time being anyway )
My eldest son has been away visiting friends, discovering new places and basically just having a blast being a 19 year old.
After graduating Grade 12 in 2010 with fantastic grades and a bright future ahead of him, he spent a year at University studying Primary School Teaching before realising that this was no longer his dream. Not for one second were we his parents ever disappointed with his decision, after all there is no point continuing with something that you don't enjoy, to live a happy and full filling life you must love what you do.
So for the past 9 months he has been working full time whilst trying to figure out which direction that he wants to head. The decision he has come to, has me, his mother feeling a loss. He plans on moving in the new year to a new town 4 long hours away, and this is where he has spent the last week, discovering his future home. His week has been filled with a lot of activity, including looking at job opportunities and houses that he plans to share with his mates......He is so excited and when he walked through the front door it was evident. I have not seen him so happy in such a long while.
I am happy for him, excited, I really am. ( does that sound convincing ) ? I am truly going to miss him, we are very close and just writing this post I am quietly crying. A big sook I know. It's going to be hard to watch him go, the hardest day yet, but the time is nearly upon us, it's almost time for him to spread his wings and fly, it's time for me to support his decision to leave the nest. I've been holding on tight, but the rope is slipping from my grasp, it is time to let go of the little boy and watch him find his way as a man.

Good luck my sweet boy, and never forget the nest is always here for you to return if the need ever arises.

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