24 Jul 2012


Here we go again !!
There was  much excitement in our house this morning before everything went pear shaped again !! The time has come for us to attend the High School Orientation night for the fourth time.
It's my babies turn to make the transition  from Primary into High School . He is so excited, me .... not so much !!

It's a natural progression, the next big step in his life, and the excitement in his eyes does bring a smile to my face, he cant wait to enter the "big world" to see and experience for himself, all that he has been hearing over the years from his three big brothers. It  makes me happy as his mum, to know that he is ready and willing to take this next giant leap, but mixed emotions are what I am really feeling. I, like so many mums, am not ready for my youngest child to leave behind his "childhood" for the "teenage" years, I don't want  my little guy to grow up, not yet anyway, I want to keep him close to me for a while longer, hold him and protect him.
I am aware that that my parenting days are far from over and never really will be, and I know that we have many more new exciting experiences ahead, and although it's difficult to let them grow up and find their own person, we their parents will always be needed, just in different ways.

So I have decided  to be big and brave, to let go of the anxiety that I am feeling and  let my sons excitement take over, enjoy the experience with him and just remember, that no matter what, he will always be my little guy.
Ben's very first day of school

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  1. Gosh it goes so quickly doesn't it. I think that about my eldest in year 9, but it feels like it will be forever before my 3 and 4 yos get there - although I know it won't be. Good luck with this last run through high school - you must be an old hand by now.



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