28 Feb 2015


Goodbye Summer.....

Its that time of year again, the change of season. Cooler mornings, and the changing colour of leaves. Ahhh I can see it now. Can almost taste it.
However where we live, it doesn't really happen that way. We seem to only get two seasons. Summer and Spring, with a few rare cold days to separate the two.

I can't deny that we live in a beautiful part of the world. For those who don't know, my family and I live on the edge of the beautiful Whitsunday Coast of Queensland. Fifteen years on and I'm still pinching myself. Fifteen years on and I have to admit that I am beginning to miss the cooler weather of Autumn and the beauty it brings to the world. I want to wear jackets and kick the fallen leaves and enjoy hot chocolate without dying of heat exhaustion, from a drink no less. I think I am almost ready for a change.

I struggled this Summer. Boy did I struggle. For the first time ever, I found it hard to cope with the extreme humidity that has swept over our part of the world. Normally summer is my season through and through. And I rock it like no body's business. After all the Queensland climate is absolute perfection. Beautiful one day, perfect the next. Or so its said anyway. Except for this year!

This year it has been even longer then usual, its been extremely hot and humid, and the wet season seems to have given us a miss this year. Did I say it's been long ?
The grass is dead, and my beautiful flower garden is looking bare and broken. I miss my flowers. I miss the beauty.

I know that we wont be changing locations any time soon, so for now I will just have to make do. So as we bid farewell to another summer, I hope that those of you who live in another climate share many pictures with me so that I can dream a little dream of someday.

beck xx

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