23 Feb 2015

MONDAY MUNCHIES - Veggie Mince Puffs

a meal on their own 

I don't know about you, but when the weekend rolls around I am after meals that are quick to throw together and don't require much cleaning up post eating. This week, the Monday Munchies recipe that I am sharing is a big hit our house. Full of veggies and wrapped in pastry, my boys are always happy and full when this is on the menu.


*Beef mince
*1 cup BBQ sauce
*Chopped onion, potato
*Grated carrot and zucchini
*Corn kernels
*Diced tomato
*Frozen puff pastry

Place the diced potato, onion and corn into a dish with about a cup of water. Cook in the microwave on high for eight minutes.

In a large bowel, mix together the mince, sauce and veggies.

Place a big, I mean a BIG spoonful of the mixture onto a sheet of defrosted pastry and wrap up, making sure all the mixture is covered.

Place into a dish lined with baking paper and spray a little oil on top. Bake in oven for forty minutes at 160 degrees and serve with salad.


beck xx

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