1 Mar 2015


A lot has gone on around here this week. Last weekend hubby and I went off to check out 'Hello World's' travel expo as we are planning our very first overseas trip. Seeing that we are both now in our forties, and this week celebrating our twenty first wedding anniversary. we finally decided that the time has finally come for us to treat ourselves. Where we will end up, who knows ? but I am full of excitement for our impending trip.

I read Still Alice this week. This book conjured up so many emotions. Lisa Genova's book is about a young woman of fifty being diagnosed with early on set Alzheimer's disease. As Alice looses her ability to remember things, and to rely on herself, she starts to question who she really is. 
Still Alice is a book that takes you on a journey from the early stage of Alice's diagnoses through to how her family copes with what is happening to their beloved family member. I am so looking forward to watching Julianne Moore's Grammy winning performance in the movie very soon.

HOLY COW I won a prize....
I was beyond excited to find out that I was the winner of this gorgeous planter box from Down That Little Lanes Instagram competition. I cant wait to go to the nursery this week and pick out some beautiful herbs to plant. 

How sweet is it ! It made up for the fact that this week it was just me and the kids at home as hubby had to work away. I do hate it when he is gone, but this year I am doing my best to accept that it is apart of his job again and there is little I can do about it. 

I am going away for a few days this week, where I am going I have no idea. Its a surprise. Hubby has organised a short getaway for us for our wedding anniversary, and I cant wait to spend a few days with nothing to do but relax.

I hope everyone else had a great last week of Summer, and is ready to welcome some cooler weather into their days. I am envious of you if you live somewhere that experiences all of the seasons, please take lots of Autumn pics so I can pretend I am there with you.

beck xx


  1. Congrats on winning lovely - i couldnt think of a more deserving person xx



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