5 Feb 2015


I've been feeling like absolute crap for the past few days. I thought it was just all the stress of the past few months catching up with me but it seems that I'm coming down with something as well. Sore throat and ears, the start of a temp and scratchy, puffy eyes. If only I could stay in bed wrapped in my favourite pj's. Maybe I will get a Nana nap later this afternoon.

My son has moved home. Our family of six is back under one roof. I cant deny I missed him like crazy, but the circumstances of his return home were certainly not ideal. Loosing a job knocks your confidence at any age, but he is strong, I have complete faith in him and whoever is the next person to hire him will not regret their decision.

We welcomed a new family member this week. A sweet fluffy little girl that has stolen our hearts.

Penelope Garcia (yep I am a die hard Criminal Minds fan) isn't she sweet.

The rain has arrived ! Hooray......
Its been a really dry Summer here in North QLD, so much for us getting a record wet season. I so hope that it sticks around for a while my plants are mighty thirsty.

The school routine is starting to take shape, doesn't seem to matter how old the boys get, getting back into a routine after school break does not get any easier. So far though I have had a win with homework.....wonder how long that will last ?

beck xx


  1. Mine are loving homework so far - long may it continue! My sister said it was a deluge up there, Cairns, it meant a special dive was cancelled so I feel for her x I bet it's nice to have all the boys back, a shame for the circumstances though x

    1. I have 2 left in school, grades 12 and 10. So far they aren't getting much but that will change along with their attitudes toward it lol



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