24 Feb 2015


As mothers we have all said and done things that we swore we would never do. Things that make us cringe, make us shake our heads and ask why, and things that remind us of our mothers EEK !

I never set out deliberately (like many of you I'm sure)  to be a 'mini me' of my mother. I was going to be different, I was going to raise my kids my way. I was determined to be me and not exactly like her.

I tried hard, really I did, but parenting and mum vocabulary is something learned. And who was my closest role model ?
My mother.

I constantly catch myself speaking to my kids just the way my mum use to speak to me, and no matter how hard I have tried over the years, those "mum sayings" just keep flying from my mouth. I have quite a few of those sayings on high rotation. A cliche repertoire that I swore I would never say, but have murmured a million times over.


"I would never have gotten away with that at your age" besides the fact that I can barely remember being their age (slight exaggeration there) it is probably true to form. I didn't get away with much.

"Your all good, there is nothing wrong with you" this one comes out of my mouth quite regularly. I am often tell the boys that if there is no blood or broken bones they are all good. #meanmum

"I will take you home" totally a bluff if ever I heard one. Usually I utter these words when I am on route to the grocery store or somewhere important to me.....

"Because I said so" usually spoken when I cant think of anything else intelligent to say.

"All I am to you is a maid" my regular weekend phrase. I go to bed before my teens most Friday and Saturday nights, and no matter how many times I ask them to clean up before they go to bed, I ALWAYS wake up to a pig sty.

"Text me when you get there please" I admit this was not one that my mother said to me. Mobile phones were not around when I was a teen (showing my age there) but the safety of my boys is important to me.

"Is your room clean or mum clean?" I get a whole lot of eye rolling and muuuuum thrown my way when I utter this one. Not mum clean ? then get your butt back in the room and start again.

"Are you going out like that ?" why do teens think it acceptable to leave the house without shoes, their shirt full of holes and pants that have seen better days ?

"I don't care who started it, you finish it" arguing teens are often more of a headache then a crying toddler. Nobody is in the wrong, nobody wants to apologize and frankly I don't care who started it as long as someone finishes it.

"If it were a snake it would have bitten you" this one also applies to the husband. They would rather call for my help then use their hands as well as their eyes to find something.


Isn't parenting fun *insert sarcastic laugh here a constant roller coaster that never slows down. 
It's only now that my boys are getting older and I am sounding more like a broken record then ever that I understand why my mother use to loose her patience with me. 

I guess that old saying what goes around comes around has some truth to it after all.....

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beck xx


  1. Replies
    1. I get the biggest eye rolls with this one lol

  2. When I cracked a 'dad joke' the other day, I asked my husband how I all of a sudden became so uncool. All of these phrases, old fogey phrases, I've never used before are coming out of the woodwork. God help us all ;) #teamIBOT

    1. LOL the good old dad joke. Its scary when we realise we are turning into our parents

  3. I learnt very quickly to never say never with anything to do with parenting.

    1. I hear you loud and clear....
      Never say never x

  4. There are some classic one liners in there! My husband often says I'm getting more and more like my mother and it really irritates me but I can see some truth in it!

    1. I try so hard to not sound like my mother. I hope to be strong with my boys but be a little easier on them then I had it.
      Even so, those one liners keep on coming



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