1 Jan 2015


Well hello there :)

Are you as excited as me that we have embarked on a brand new year ?
I don't know about you, but I was well and truly ready to put 2014 to rest......

There is something refreshing about the year ending and a new one beginning. It's the chance to kiss goodbye to the past, to put unwanted memories to rest, and time to welcome the new adventures that lie in wait.

Its a new beginning, a fresh start.

Usually, with the start of each New Year, I make resolutions that rarely get kept for more than a few weeks at best......  
Weight loss, more exercise blah blah blah

Please tell me I am not the only one ?

This year there will be no major resolutions made, no promises to myself that I know will be broken.
Just the one goal of 'making it count and enjoying all that life has to offer'

Did you notice that Ccraftypjmum has had an awesome upgrade ? Brand spankin' new and ready for a rockin' year ahead.

Yes I actually am "blog prepared" for this year.
 Imagine that ; )

All the credit for the amazing new blog look goes to the AWESOME Jules of ZippyZappyLife This lady truly is a woman of many talents. I owe her big time, and have my fingers crossed that I can do it all justice, 2015 could be Crafty's year. Well maybe, it's nice to dream anyway.

Whatever your dreams and aspirations are for 2015, I hope that everything falls into place, that only calm and happiness will find you and that we may walk through the months hand in hand supporting each other.

Happy New Year friends

beck xx


  1. Well put Bec and the same is being felt by many, let's scrap the pressured NYE resolutions and just step forward for the best year yet. Oohhhh I do love your new look (wink wink) :-)

    1. I'm kind of inlove and obsessed with my new look too 😊 I can't stop looking at it lol Happy New Year lovely xx



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