4 Jan 2015



We slept in this morning. 10 o'clock I was shocked and thought that our bedroom clock had stopped, but no 10 it was. We have had a lot of late nights recently. Staying up watching TV and spending time together. There may also have been a drink or two involved, but hey ! its the holidays and it wont be long until life is taken over by routine, work and school.

Speaking of school HOLY MOLY ! Can you believe that I will have another son in grade 12 this year. That makes me want to hide under the bed until this year is over. This is our third go at crawling through the drama and stress that takes over our young humans, and if my predictions are right this is the son that will test our patience and stress levels the most.....

We also have a son in grade 10. My baby, the youngest of our four sons in grade 10 ! Can you imagine ?

Please pass the wine !

Monday Munchies starts tomorrow. This will be a weekly post on the blog where I will share recipes that I whip up in my kitchen, a few favorites, old and new that I test run on my family....
Don't worry, my family are still alive and kicking and haven't suffered at all from being my Guinea pigs yet over the years : )

I look forward to sharing some of our family favorites with you.

Does your family have a favorite meal that is on high rotation ?

Hope you all have a fabulous week and fill the last few weeks of school holidays with fun, love and laughter.

beck xx


  1. Time is flying isnt it hun. I hope you have been enjoying those late nights with the family. We have been doing the same and have just thrown bedtimes out the window for a little while. Happy New year to you Beck, and good luck to your boys in their big years xx

    1. Happy New Year to you and your family Sonia. Time is going by a little to quickly for me, wish I could turn back the years and keep my boys small. Enjoy the rest of school break sweetie xx



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