6 Jan 2015


to form a mental image of
 (something not actually present to the senses).

.to think, believe, or fancy :

We have a duty to ourselves to never let our imaginations run dry. To be true to oneself, and to dream a lifetime of possibilities.

For me, submerging myself into the pages of a book is how I keep my imagination alive. With every page turn, I fall deeper under the spell of the Author, 
Books are my escape from the every day, a place I can go to experience things that I may not otherwise experience. 

I am rarely without a book. I leap from one journey to another. 
Laughing, crying, scaring myself silly, always looking for something new and exciting to discover. 
I cant imagine a life without books, and I hold Authors in the highest regard.

2015 started off the exact same way for me. A new book, a new adventure to begin a new year.

Before Christmas, I was lucky enough to win a copy of  'The New Mrs D'  written by author Heather Hill  check out her blog here 
It was fabulous, and a great read to kick start my year. 

'The New Mrs D' is the journey of a forty something year old woman, rediscovering her 'real' self after being let down by the man she has just married. 
It has sad moments, happy moments and real laugh out loud moments. You know, the kind that has everyone intrigued at what you are reading. 

Tonight, when the house is sleeping, my next adventure will begin. My next choice, 'Mothers and Daughters' by the lovely author Kylie Ladd  read about Kylie here

I have a long list of books that I hope to read this year. Some new, some old but each one will take me on a journey that will stay with me forever.

What is the latest book you have read ? 
What would you recommend to this book worm ?

Linking up with Jess for the first IBOT of 2015 

beck xx


  1. The last book that I read was 'We are all completely beside ourselves'. I really need to write about it because I am finding it hard to move on to my next book. It's been a week already and I still can't get into another book!

    1. I haven't heard about that one, I will have to check it out x

  2. I read some short stories after Christmas that were just terrible! I've just started A Game of Thrones. I'm undecided if I will keep going.

    1. I'm the only member of my family that is not a Game of Thrones fan. Good luck with it though Jess

  3. I just don't get to books anymore - I used to be a book a week person, but then children happened. One day I will get it back :)

    Hello from #teamIBOT

    1. The same happened to me, but I am sure making up for it now :)



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