22 Jan 2015


So this time next week I will be cursing that we didn't  get back into "school routine" sooner.
As usual, late nights and lazy mornings become a ritual around here during the holidays and that does not bode well for an easy transition..

When the boys were younger, we stuck to a strict routine, ALWAYS. Now, we throw caution to the wind and live on a whim.
Well during the holidays anyway.
But, as the return to school rares it's ugly head, so do the early mornings, the lunchbox prep and the homework fights.......

Sigh, I am so NOT ready

Yesterday we did the "back to school" shopping, the first of many dreaded days of a new year.
It was mayhem....
Kids screaming, mums shoving, and dads, well as per most years were hardly in sight. They are a breed in distinction when it comes to school prep.

First stop, the dreaded shoe shop. They say girls are undecided when faced with a choice. HOLY COW boys..... Just pick a pair of darn shoes.

Our uniforms have changed this year, not only do the students have an everyday uniform, but a formal one as well, which is going to bring about a whole new struggle. My boys don't take to change easily, and the formal shirts, I just wont go there !

Over the years, I have always "followed" the book lists to the letter, always getting everything required, only to have unused items sent home EVERY year. Are you kidding me ?
Finally last year, I started to buy just the basics, if and when the teachers said an item was needed, I purchased said item then. I don't like waste in any form.

Rulers, it took us three different shops before we were able to find the regulation wood or plastic rules, what's going on there ? Is there a shortage this year ?

And finely haircuts, although I could only convince one of my teens that a haircut was necessary.

So as another school year beckons, I am asking....

Why did the holidays go by so fast ?

beck xx

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