23 Jan 2015


There has been so much devastation happening in the world around us lately, that we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the simple things in life, the small, sometimes silly things that make us smile and be thankful.

Recently I was thinking about posts that focus on being thankful. For me these posts are always thought provoking, they make me stop and think about all I take for granted, both big and small. I'm sure I am not the only one that loses myself in the daily grind, the day to day events that keep us from appreciating what is right in front of us.

I've written posts about this very topic before. Posts about how thankful I am for life and those that share life's journey beside me. Beautiful sentiments that are cliche and traditional.
This time however, I've written a list that is much less intense and more appreciative of the everyday things that we don't usually include on thankful lists, things that are usually overlooked that brighten my every day life....

. That my kids are finally at an age where we can watch TV shows that interest us both instead of         watching Nickelodeon ALL the time

. I am thankful for shape ware

. For the small change that I find in the bottom of the washing machine, my very own pay day !

. Toilet paper, where would we be without it ?

. I am thankful for photo apps that can wash away 40 years of lines

. That my Insta pep talk app sends me hourly notifications

. Ice cream, need I say more :)

. Clean sheet day

. Pillows

. Running water and electricity, something I know we take for granted

The more we look around us and take notice, the more we find to be thankful for. Not everything has to be big and obvious, the small, mundane, common and unconventional things matter too. Not all lists need to have deep meaning, as sometimes it is the small wonders of life, the things that we usually take for granted and don't take to much notice of that make our lives a thankful one.

Linking up my not so conventional list with the gorgeous Grace for FYBF


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