29 Jan 2015


We all like our homes to look fresh and clean. So much of our time is spent keeping up the appearance of our homes, that it is nice to sit back and enjoy our efforts.
But what about smell ? Do you spend as much time and money as I do, scouring the shops for my favourite scents in candles, sprays and oils ? I have a rather large collection of gorgeous candles, but I love when a scent lingers lightly and constantly. You can achieve this with a reed diffusers, which can also be a lot safer then candles if you have little ones at home, and there is no flame involved, but have you seen the price range of them ? They can be ridiculous in price and the scent does not always last.

Recently I made my own diffusers. It was simple, effective and most importantly inexpensive....


You will need glass jars, bamboo sticks (you can use BBQ skewers, just cut off the sharp end) baby oil and your choice of essential oil.

Before you begin, make sure your jars are clean and dry, then proceed to decorate your glass jars. I added a strip of self adhesive diamantes around the rim, but you can decorate your jars however you wish. Once you have finished decorating, fill each bottle with baby oil till they are about 3/4 full.

Next top with your pick of essential then add your bamboo reeds. Leave the reeds in for about an hour to really soak up all that goodness, then turn the reeds around and place around your home.

I usually turn my reeds every two days to allow the scent to linger, and top up with the oils when they start getting low.

Enjoy your beautiful fragrant home.

beck xx

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