24 Nov 2014

MONDAY MUNCHIES - Lemon Blueberry Loaf


Easy and delicious, this loaf cake is on high rotation around here. Sunday is baking day, and when I have made this loaf, it has not even made it to the lunch boxes on a Monday morning.......

It's that good !


*175 grams of butter
*125 grams of caster sugar
*3 medium sized eggs
*100 grams Greek yogurt
*200 grams Self raising flour
*juice of 1 lemon
*2 tablespoons of lemon curd {you can use homemade or store bought}
*1 punnet of blueberries

Preheat oven to 160C and grease a loaf tin well
Cream butter and sugar, whisk in the eggs one by one then stir in the flour and the lemon juice and the yogurt making sure it is mixed well.

Pour a layer of cake into the cake tin and dollop some the lemon curd and slightly swirl to mix {I used a skewer to do this}
Add some blueberries to the mix and then pour the rest of the cake batter into the tin and top with the remaining blueberries.

Bake for an hour or until the cake is set and golden.

Let the cake cool and enjoy

Or jump in and devour the cake while it is still warm !

beck xx

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