1 Apr 2013

The "Girls" Have Arrived

                                       Build a pen, and they will come !

Busy bees building

It's been exciting watching the progress. I have wanted to add chooks to our family for a while now. It's all part of the plan of us becoming self sufficient, well as self sufficient that we can be without living on "land".

We started off with our herb garden and progressed to growing our own veggies. Success is sweet, and with the price of vegetables these days it is nice to know that we are saving money, no matter how large or small the amount may be, it all counts in the end.

Eggs, we go through quite a few of them. So after discussing the possibility of adding chooks with Mr Crafty, the idea became reality and the planning and building began.

                                           Our "Girls" are here !

Our four girls

We picked up our "girls" on Easter Saturday. Quite an appropriate day to add new life to our family. Picking out what four to take home was a lot of fun. And for our youngest family member,  the chance to pick one out for himself, round it up and catch it all on his own, was such a highlight. This chicken is now known as "Kentucky" (poor thing)

After seeing our new family members, the excitement  slightly rubbed off onto the older crafty kids and the naming began.........

Oh dear !!
The chooks will have a complex I think.

The "girls" may need counselling

                                      Please meet clockwise from top left
                            Peri Peri, Kentucky, Bruce and Madam Cluckles

It's scary to think that these are the names that my boys came up with. The poor chickens may very well need counselling ! Lets hope that their names do not prevent them from laying.

So the next step of our self sufficiency has begun. We will see how easily these four settle into our lives and someday down the track we may even add a few more. 


  1. Self sufficiency sounds like a plan to me. I hope they lay a bunch if eggs for you.

  2. There's the chickens! That is a great looking hen-house. They should live very nicely in there. I bet your family really enjoys having the chickens around and the fresh eggs.



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