12 Apr 2013

Sneaky Mum Pics

My boys are growing fast, and having a houseful of teenagers brings with it a whole new number of lessons to learn. Both for the parents and the teens.

Having all boys means that more often then not, Dad is now called upon for the "men's business" end of things and all too often it means that I get a giggle or two listening to whats being said or watching the goings on.

Recently, it was Crafty son number two who was in need of a Dad lesson, giving me the opportunity to stalk watch them and take photos. This was not an easy task, as boy wonder decided all of a sudden that he was "camera shy".
It was time to learn "how to shave" and Mum being Mum was not invited to sit in on the tutorial, and as for taking photos....
"Oh Mum please not now!"
And I was promptly locked out of the bathroom.

But, being as "Crafty" as I am no pun intended I remembered that with the recent renovations to our main bathroom, the fly screen had still not been replaced in the window, and I had my fingers crossed that maybe just maybe the window had been left unlocked.......

Score, it was unlocked and I proceeded to crouch outside the window and listen to the lessons being learned. After a while, when I was sure that I had the best opportunity and that the lesson was well under way, I pounced into action much to my sons disgust but my husbands amusement, and I began to snap away with all the good Motherly intentions of this blog post :)

Sneaky mum pics

I have not broken any Mother/son promises by blogging these photos, in fact I have actually been sitting on these pics for quite a while, waiting for the perfect moment to go ahead and put them out there for all to see :) I wore him down, and he was aware that they would become a blog topic of conversation, he was just not sure when that moment would actually be.

Ta da !!

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  1. Replies
    1. I know :( happy and sad times, they grow up way to fast

  2. Ooh, secret men's business. You were like a private investigator - can just imagine you hiding in the bushes or climbing a tree to get a good shot!

    1. Hehehe, I eventually got the window shut on me to, but not before I got enough pics lol

  3. That is so cool, I can't wait to see that between my boys and their dad! Then I can show my girl how to shave her pins! Love the pics :)

    1. With no girls besides me in our household, it's me that gets ALL the bribery shots lol #score

  4. *giggles* the best pics are the "mum hiding in the bushes pics" aren't they! I'm guilty of them too, mine are more for evidence purposes lol

    Did hubby also teach him to clean off the sink of any mess? It's a must of the whole entire session!

    MC x

  5. Oh don't worry, I have a collection of many put away for future use LOL
    And of course there was NO cleaning involved !! Good old mum gets to be the bad cop there !!
    Sigh......some things will never change lol

  6. I know a lady who taught her sons to shave on her own legs. Dad was a fly in/fly out worker who wasn't home the very second they demanded to learn, so she let them at her legs instead. When they were nick and cut free, she then let them at their own faces. So far nobody has bled out.

  7. Lol, I love a sneaky mum. There the best kind.



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