12 Apr 2013

Flashback To 1976

For this weeks Flashback Friday I have headed back to 1976 to share with you my favorite photos of my Mum and I. They are the only three in this set of photos taken outside of house in St Marys NSW but each time I see them they bring a smile to my face.

I do know that I was two years old at the time these were taken, and although I cant really remember much about this particular day, I did grill mum to find out what or if she even remembered what we had been up to.
As it turns out her memories served me well and I managed to find out that I had been helping watching my Mum make chocolate crackles for my cousins third birthday party. With these photos as proof, I guess my part in helping was by licking the chocolate out of the bowl (all kids favorite part of lending a hand in the kitchen) and by the look of all the chocolate smeared all over my face, it must have been good :)

Happy Friday everyone
Happily linking up with Cathy for another fantastic Flashback Friday


  1. Gorgeous photos and special memories!

  2. Thank you, I love these photos, just a shame they didn't show up real clear on the post.
    Thank you for stopping by to say hi x

  3. SNAP - I flashed back to 1976 this week too, though I was 12 not 2 in that year. Why am I older than so many people! Wahh! Those a gorgeous photo's of you and your mum :-)

  4. Thanks for stopping by sweetie, really appreciate it : )
    These are some of my favorite pictures of my mum and I, I just love them xx

  5. Love this post! You wouldn't believe this Bec but I lived in Hobart St opposite the Rail line at St Marys NSW too from 1979 till about 1982..What a SPIN OUT!!! XO

    1. Oh my ! What a small world.......after St Mary's I lived in Penrith for many years. Funny how small this world can be xx



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