29 Mar 2013

Recovering Slowly

Last week was nothing short of an action packed adventure. One that I believe I am still recovering from !
Attending the Digital Parents Conference in Sydney. Meeting many fabulous bloggers all who have left me wondering if I am truly cut out for this "blogging world" I am still trying to figure this out. Eating so much food that I thought I would burst, drinking LOTS of wine and I mean LOTS ahhhh fun times :) Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge with the fabulous Jules who is most definitely as cheeky wonderful in the flesh as she is in the blogger and twitter verse...a lady who I am so lucky to call my friend.


And if all this wasn't enough, I got to meet up with Mr Crafty for the remaining two days of my trip away to celebrate a belated anniversary.

Saturday was full of fun, we walked and walked taking in the sights of Sydney (it has been 13 years since we had last been there) eating fabulous food and yep you guessed it ..... more alcohol. I am not an alcoholic I just tend to let my hair down when I am teen free. I hope that is understandable !
Lunch was unbelievable, sitting by the water we shared a fabulous seafood platter and sat back and  let the world pass us by, relaxed, happy and enjoying each others company with out teen interruptions was sensational, and something that does not happen often. It was sheer bliss to spend this time alone.

divine seafood

Next we headed off to check out Madame Tussuads Wax Museum. What a great experience, I totally got into the whole "tourist" mode snapping pictures and playing the fool.....Mr Crafty believe it or not actually got into the spirit too !

Good old Slim

We decided that after such a huge lunch that we would have a late dinner and decided to return to a  little Italian restaurant right on the Harbors edge.
Oh my, if I don't eat for the next week it is totally understandable. After seating you another drink in hand you are given a plate of the most delicious Italian bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, I have NEVER tasted bread like it. Following that I sat down to enjoy a plate of Squid Ink Linguine and lobster while Mr Crafty indulged in Crumb encrusted rib eye on the bone (there was enough on our plates to feed our whole tribe) but of course when away the Crafty's do play and over indulge and so we decided that with the food being so amazing dessert was a must.
Oh good golly miss molly.......We ordered traditional Italian Tiramisu.

The best Tiramisu ever

 I may have wobbled back to the hotel. The ah hem 3 Long Island Iced Teas topped with the very strong alcohol in the dessert was enough to make this old girl quite giggly.....
Oh well you only live once, right ?

We definatly had a wonderful time and hopefully it wont be to long before we can get away again to enjoy each others company.
Happy belated anniversary my sweet man, may we have many more years together full of fun and love xx
Happy anniversary xx
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  1. Happy anniversary, sounds like you had a great time at DPCON13 and a special time together afterwards!

    1. Thank you ever so much. I had the best time away ever. Was sad to see it end. xx

  2. Naw, happy anniversary! So glad that you had even more fun with after DPCON13:) x

  3. Glad to hear you let your hair down Beck - and Happy Anniversary - well belated :)

    1. Let my hair down ! I think I lost it LOL xx

  4. :-) LOL Cheeky huh! We had fun hey? Yep, yep…. You are awesome Beck, don't doubt your blogging. Follow your heart.

  5. Cheeky without a doubt !! We had so much fun I was sad to see it end.
    Trying my best to wrap my head around everything, I will get there one day xx



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