19 Apr 2013

Puppy Love

Today for Flashback Friday I'm stepping back to my childhood (again) and sharing with you some photos of my first love........

We were inseparable, never apart if we could help it. We would play every day, share morning tea in front of the television while watching "Romper Room" that's showing my age and if we were very good and a "Lassie" movie was on the television, my Mum would allow us to snuggle up on the couch and watch it together. But we had to be VERY good to be allowed to do this.

My first love was my very own Lassie Dog.
She was adorable, and the love of my life. NO other pet has ever compared to her. She was my whole world and together we trouble says my mum

My parents gave her to me when I was two. I named her Hidie. And for the next fourteen years  we were the best of friends.
I was devastated when I lost her, I cried rivers.
But each time I get a look at these photos, I remember the fun times we had together. They are memories that I will cherish forever.

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Happy Friday everyone x


  1. Awwww, how adorable are these photos! The pictures are so sweet and clearly show a great friendship - love how you have a few photos showing you growing up with Hidie :) For the record, I remember both Lassie and Romper Room! Thanks for linking up xx

  2. Thanks for sharing that Beck. I love dog stories and I love dogs. Kids and dogs and their love of each other is a special thing. They are always there for you and waiting with love. Hidie was beautiful.



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