5 Apr 2013

Dazed and Confused

I've been sitting on the edge of my seat today wondering whether or not to hit the small orange publish button that glares at me from the top right hand corner of my screen, and send this post out into the blogging sphere.
I guess if you are reading it, then in the end I went ahead and published my post letting you all in on my thoughts.

See, today I am confessing something and it may not be the right thing to do. Especially here where so many awesome bloggers who know what they are doing might read this post and realise just how "dazed and confused" I really am.

I came back from DPCon full of awe, full of wonder. The workshops were amazing, and I came away with so much helpful information that it really has taken me a little while to process it all.
Besides the mind blowing information, the highlight for me was meeting each and everyone of the beautiful bloggers. All of them from many different walks of life, all with powerful messages and both beautiful and heart wrenching stories. All writing about their journeys in their own way on their inspiring blogs.
From travel, food and fashion to parent bloggers (sorry if I have left out your niche) I was inspired by all.

I came away from the conference feeling all pumped up about new changes that I wanted to make to Crafty, ideas of a new direction.
But now, after processing my brain full of information, and sorting through these ideas, I am not really convinced that these changes are right for me.

I know Crafty is a teeny tiny blog that doesn't gain all that much attention, but I am fine with that.
I know that my writing skills are too conversational and may not connect with many, but that's my way and I am fine with that too.
This blog is me, it's mine, and to be honest I really do not have the capabilities that some do to take this much further then where it is now. I am happy to plod along in my own little part of the blogging world, just as I am.

I am being honest.

I am scared of change, I am scared of failure, I am scared of stuffing things up. I guess I am scared of being scared. And without the knowledge, I am scared of putting myself out there anymore then I already am.
It has been hard since returning from Sydney. I feel as though I should be expecting more of myself and my blogging journey. That I should be setting my sights on a bigger piece of the action, that I should be more on top of things.
But that is not me. I've come to the conclusion that I may not have what it takes to be anymore, that this is it, this is me !

Nobody has made me feel this way. Nobody has made me feel less then I am. It is all me and how I feel. So Crafty is just going to plod along in the same way as usual until maybe one day the sun may rise and all this technology might "click" within me and I will fly like never before.

Sharing my inner thoughts this Friday with the lovely Grace on FYBF


  1. I really don't think you NEED to be a 'big' blogger. I too am happy with my little space on the interwebs with not too many hits or anything like that. Not everyone can be a big fish!

    I think it's best to stay true to yourself and your blog and not force things, especially if it may take enjoyment away from blogging!

    1. Thank you Talia, your comment made me feel better about clicking the publish button on this one. I agree with all you said and have come to the conclusion that it is ok to just be me !!
      Thank you for stopping by xxx

  2. It is perfectly fine to be a little fish in the big pond! I am too, but I enjoy writing. Writing has become my little escape and a place to stretch my mind. I actually started blogging to run a craft blog... Kids craft, which I love. And that is what I do, but somehow the writing stuff just came out... And kept coming. My vote is to just do what makes you happy and what you enjoy, if it ever starts to feel laboured, and that you are not enjoying yourself then re assess and redirect and get back to what you like :) good luck

    1. Thank you. Your comment means a lot. I was in two minds over this but by taking the time to think things through I have decided to just be me and continue to enjoy what I do. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and say hi, I truly appreciate it xx

  3. What they said. And what *I* said, quaking in my boots, up on a stage at DPCON!! Weren't you listening? :P

    Do only what you are comfortable with until you are ready for the next thing. I think too many blogs die rather than build slowly, because of the pressure of the 'shoulds'. Piff 'em.

  4. I was listening sweet lady and that is why I've decided to stay just as I am for now. You may have been quaking in your boots but what you said was spot on. Thank you for popping over and giving me a kick :) I appreciate it xx

  5. Hi there, sometimes I think it'd be great to have two bloggy confs, with one for the what I see as the real bloggy bloggers, the people who are personal and not commercial, who are sharing their life and their story. This seems to me to the the purest form.

    Mine started as a commercial blog, selling my books online. And I am keeping down that commercial path,. But it's fraught with tensions I can tell you. And sometimes I think I would prefer a 'real' blog, as it were.

    Anyway, you've got a lovely little space here, keep on keeping on.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I really appreciate it. Thank you also for stopping by xx

  6. Your lovely little spot in the blogosphere is yours to do just as you like with, and I think you've nailed it with this and I'm so VERY glad you've published what many bloggers feel. Keep loving what you're doing - it's great xx

    1. Thank you. I wasn't sure if it was "ok" to publish this post or not. But I am so glad I did. I have received such wonderful comments.
      Thank you for yours ! It means so much xxx

  7. It is your space and you have the right to make it just the way you want it to be. I would do what feels right for you.

  8. Don't let that feel of needing to be ambitious stress you out. Blogging should be a destresser and you know what's right for you. It must have been wonderful to interact with so many different bloggers, but each blogger has their own goals. Keep yours inline with exactly what you want to accomplish. I like to come here and read about your family and daily life across the world. I feel I know you through your blog. That's the best part.



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