17 Sept 2012

Stop Bullying NOW !

Work place bullying, is any physical, verbal or mental intimidation by a person or group of people, that takes place within your work place environment. It is NOT acceptable...

"In very recent days, my sixteen year old son has fallen victim to workplace bullying. An incident at his place of employment, has left him shattered, inconsolable and looking for a new place to work.
As a parent, I am filled with rage, it is hard enough to see the effects that school yard bullying can have on your child, but to find out that an adult at your child's place of part time employment is the culprit, has filled me with absolute disgust !
I am not writing this post to "exposé" anyone or to "name, names". I am only writing this to make sure that anyone who reads this, knows exactly what forms of workplace bullying there are, and what action you are able to take.
No matter what your age, race, gender, religion or background, EVERYONE has the right to be treated with respect".

Some of the more common types of workplace bullying include :

  • Hurtfull comments making fun of you or your work
  • Making impossible demands, setting you up for failure
  • Exclusion from work place activities 
  • Playing mind games or 'ganging up'
  • Using your roster to deliberately make things difficult for you
  • Physical violence
  • Verbal abuse
  • Sexual harrasement 
Dealing with workplace bullying can be a difficult task, especially if you have no witnesses to back you up. Something that may help you out is if you keep a log book of all the incidents that occur. If you are lucky enough to have a witness, ask them to put in writing exactly what they heard, saw, know. If you have no witness, then please confide in somebody what is taking place and ask for help, after all, it could very well be happening to others as well as you.
Take your concerns to your boss (or as in my sons case) if the bullying is coming from your boss,find out who is the next person in charge,and take your case to them. It doesn't matter who, or what position the "bully" is, no one has the right to mistreat their co-workers or employees .

Once and for all we need to "STOP BULLYING". We need to stand together and wipe out bullying once and for all. We as human beings are equal and deserve to be treated as such, no one is more important then anyone else. It is a basic human right to be respected, and to be treated decently !!!


(We have taken the next step of action against the person responsible for bullying our son, we were lucky enough to have two witnesses, and both my husband and I have thanked them profusely for their help and support with our boy on the night in question. We will not stand by and let this person get away with what they have verbally done to our son. I just hope that the action that we have taken will protect others and stop the same thing from happening again)

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  1. Beck that is terrible. I heard about this happening to a friend of my daugher's, but she just decided to leave her job. I know it's hard to take action, especially for kids - good for you for stepping in.



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