12 Sept 2012

Back on track

So I've decided it's time to get off my lazy butt, and get back on track with my health and fitness. Over the last year, I successfully lost 16kg, and although it probably should've taken a lot less time to do so, I was still very proud of my effort.

However ! Since February, when a lot of things in life started to go pear shaped, I successfully gained back 5 of those kilos lost :(

I have now decided to take back control, that I am no longer going to be held hostage by the things that can go wrong in life, it's time I put all the negatives aside, focus on the positive, pick myself up and start a fresh !!

So two weeks ago I decided that enough was enough and I returned to the eating plan that helped me loose all that weight to begin with, and to my delight, that 5kg plus some have already gone !!

This time however, I've upped the challenge and set myself a fitness goal as well.

Starting yesterday, I set out for a 20min walk just to ease myself back into exercise, the weather was perfect and I enjoyed my alone time and listening to MY choice of music so much, that I ended up being gone for an hour and a half.......the BIG shock was, that I actually ran part of the way I haven't run since I was in school I was so thrilled, that I have vowed to stick with it day in and day out. And believe it or not, i did do it all again this morning and made myself run just a little further then yesterday, I think that if I push myself a little harder each day, I will be running the entire way before to long. :)

My intention to blog about my "journey" is not to bore you all, but to keep myself accountable !! I figure that if it's all in writing and out there for other people to read, that I would feel rather guilty if I failed.

So here's to a new beginning, the start of a new me, and may the final 10kg drop off and stay off for good.

Fingers crossed :)

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