28 Sept 2012

Another Year Older

Ok ,so the inevitable happened, I woke up this morning and yes it was still September *sigh* ...... I'm another year older, maybe the next falling star I wish upon, will grant my wish.

So initially, I refused to get out of bed, I was in hiding or maybe denial would be the best word for it I was not going to budge, what if I did look in the mirror and find NEW wrinkles AARRGG just to scary to comprehend, yes? but who can resist when there are smiling faces peeking around the bedroom door willing you to get up, to come out and enjoy THAT cup of tea made with love, and the excitment of gift giving (secretly wishing the gifts were for them) I willed myself up (OOOH was that a new creaking joint) ? it was definatly worth it, the love and cuddles make life what it is, precious and meaningful, and when you have a family like mine, it's exceptional.

I was lucky enough to recieve many lovely messages via phone, text and social media, my favorite being from a very special friend who wrote,
"Not old, good wine improves with age" AHHH Jules, you know just what to say to make me smile ....and how well you know me *wine* LOL

Spoilt, is what I was today !! (and I enjoyed every minute of it, selfish ? )

There is a little thing that has slowly been taking over every spare minute of my life lately, most of my conversations and inner thoughts if I am to be truly honest, my blog !! and the gift of my very own laptop, proved to me that my family have come to realise how much it has come to mean to me or maybe they were just sick of me fighting for a turn on the family PC
I was overwelmed, I had of course talked about purchasing one and hubby had agreed that it would be a good idea, but still it was not expected. So the day was spent setting it up while sipping wine AHEM coffee, having the time of my life.

I made it through the day, I am another year older, I did not fall apart, I do not feel any different and I did NOT recieve any new wrinkes PHEW (I'm doing the happy dance) !! but I did recieve lots oflove and wonderful birthday wishes, so thank you to all for caring, it means so much ......
Finally, my very own baby pink

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