27 Sept 2012

I'm Calling It Quits !

Sorry friends but it's over, I've decided to call it quits.....
Quits on September that is.....

Did I scare you ?

I've come to the conclusion that I have reached my limit, my limit on aging, and since tomorrow is to be my 30 something birthday, I've made an executive decision that my family will be skipping the remaining three days of September and celebrating October 1st tomorrow instead !!

Call me vain, call me shallow, but don't say that I am the only woman who would love to turn back the aging clock a year or two or three or four  ;p

I know, that no matter how hard I wish upon that falling star, that come tomorrow morning, September 28th will still roll around and that I will inevitably turn another year older, and most likely will wake up to another wrinkle or two or three 

 I know what your all thinking "Toughen up princess" 
I'm thinking that to, don't worry.

I guess the best thing is, that not only is tomorrow Friday, but my whole family sare home to spend the day with me, that's if they want to of course, I will not hold them hostage ! Or will I ?
Maybe I will spend the morning splurging on a few new clothes, or maybe get my hair and nails done then enjoy a leisurely lunch and an afternoon at the beach with my boys........

Here's to turning 30 !!! AHEM something.

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