10 Sept 2012

A Special Moment

Today, I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with my eldest son. It's not often that we get to spend one on one time with each other these days, life keeps us busy, and as he is a shift worker, there are times when we can go a few days with only a good morning, or a good night shared between us. So to be able to spend a few hours together with no outside interruptions, made for the perfect day.

Time is flying by all to quickly, and it's getting alarmingly close to when he is planning to leave his "comfortable" nest take a giant leap out into the big wide world, and begin this new and exciting adventure of his life.
I always knew that this time would come I would be very naive to think it wouldn't  but still I cling to the hope that he may change his mind and stay home a little longer. He has after all been mine for 19 years, and truthfully, I'm not ready to let go just yet. The years have gone by so fast, much faster then I ever believed they would, and  It's hard, very hard but it's part of the parenting journey that we all must face.

We shared a moment today, a special moment that touched my heart and made me ever so glad that I was lucky enough to become his mum. He gave me the biggest hug that we have shared in the longest time, and he actually cried as he told me how much he is going to miss me when he moves on and how much he will miss the special times we spend "hanging out" together.
My heart was racing and tears came to my eyes but for his sake I managed to keep the flood at bay, as I told him how much it meant to me to hear him speak those words, that he has always been, and will always be my baby, my first born and the love we share is forever, and that no matter what, I am always here for him whenever he needs me and that the door to his family home will always be open if he ever feels the need to return. I also threw in the fact that he doesn't have to leave if he doesn't really want to !!! I know, I know that was cruel of me, but I couldn't help myself, I'd give anything for a few more years of togetherness.

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