26 Sept 2012

A Quirky Beginning, 22years of Love and Happiness

Today I'm feeling rather nostalgic, its not everyday that you get to celebrate a wonderful milestone in your life. Today, Hubby and I are celebrating being together for 22 years......

A quirky beginning we had, set up by hubbies mother and brother no less. Hubbies brother and I happened to attend the same church youth group, and were also friends at school. (Secretly I had a school girl crush on hubby at the time but was to chicken to make the first move).
One afternoon I happened to be over at their place, where I met his mother for the first time. Lucky for me, she decided then and there that I was the girl for her son and immediately she began to scheme !!
Making sure that hubby knew who I was first (Phew .. thank goodness he did) she told him that I wanted him to call me !! So that night he did, not at all expecting my reaction or what was about to take place.

The conversation went along these lines.

Hubby- "Hey you wanted me to call"
Me-      "Um no"
Hubby- "Oh OK, mum said that you wanted me to ring"

At this point I had kinda figured out what was going on and was trying my best not to giggle out loud, but secretly I was swooning as only 16 year old school girls do.

Hubby- "So do you want to go out sometime anyway" ?
Me-      " Um yeah sure, that would be good"

After hanging up, I was a giggling mess jumping around the house like a complete loser....funny hey :)

So we went on that date a few days later, and the rest as they say is history !!

Here's to another 22 years together, it may not have been all champagne and roses, but I most certainly wouldn't change a thing.

I love you xx

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