13 Sept 2012

R U OK ?

I wish that I had been brave enough to ask for help.
I wish that I had not hidden my feelings so well, that nobody thought to ask me, R U OK ?

Depression has a terrible stigma attached to it, it makes those that it strikes, feel completely isolated, that the world is closing in around them, and that they can't fight their way out.
Many are to ashamed to reach out and ask for help, I know I was. I didn't want to be perceived as "weak". To admit that you are not coping, and that you need help ia a heart wrenching experience that no one should have to endure.

Dont put on a brave face
Don't hide your feelings
Don't be ashamed to reach out

Needing and asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness (that was a long and hard lesson to learn, one that I am still working on each and every day) but of strength and courage.

We can all do something to help those who are not yet ready to reach out and ask for help themselves

In the time that it takes you to boil the jug and enjoy a cup of coffee, you could have asked someone if they are ok, and maybe you could be the one to change someone's life.

R U OK ? day is a national day held on the second Thursday of September each year. The day was launched in 2009 to inspire ALL Australians to step up and ask each other R U OK ?

So please, ask yourself, how hard is it to take a few minutes of your time and ask someone if they are ok ? How hard is it to reach out and hug someone, to let them know that you are there for them and that you care....

So today I am asking....
R U OK ?
My hand is here for you to hold
My shoulder is here if you need to cry
Plain and simple, I am here if you need me.
Please don't hesitate, I am personally reaching out to you all


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