17 Mar 2015


I think we are headed down the road of chaos at the moment. Things are starting to ramp up here.

Today was one of those mornings when I would have preferred to stay in bed. Its getting to the sticky end of term for my teens. Exams looming, major assignments due, and along with this, comes the lack of enthusiasm from us all. I can't wait for term one to be over. It feels like an eternity since the Summer break.

We have had a little rain, not much but enough to notice the garden is singing with joy. Hopefully we will get a bit more with cyclone Nathan hanging around the north Queensland coast, enough to give the ground a good soaking before I start planning and planting my new garden. I love my flowers. I'm heading to Masters on the weekend to stock up on some new beauties. We are also in the market for some paint sample pots, the time has come to repaint this house of mine, one of the final steps to finishing a renovation that took a lot longer then we hoped. The end is in sight (indoors anyway) and I couldn't be more excited.
Talking about renovations, I was stoked to see the ads for House Rules hit TV screens this week. Let's just hope they don't give me to many ideas to change things around (sorry in advance Dan)

Have you been watching MKR ? I am addicted. I don't understand why each season on just about every reality show, someone has to be nasty. This season on MKR it's Kat from Perth, and if my twitter feed is anything to go by, I am not the only one who thinks she and her partner should have gone home.

I'm sitting here, soaking up the quietness of the house, lately a day to myself is rare. Someone is always floating around taking away my time to get things done. I have a list as long as my arm to achieve this week and I guess now is the perfect time to get a head start. Here's to a great week.

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beck xx


  1. Do renovations ever finish on time? LOL! I watched the first season of MKR but haven't been able to get into any season since. Manu and Pete bug me, and more so the editing and the infinite pause they each do before speaking. Sounds so stilted and fake! Hope you enjoyed the quiet house to yourself! -Aroha (#teamIBOT)

  2. I have never watched MKR because Boatman hates reality TV, and I'm not a fan of cooking shows :)
    Exam time is never fun for anyone. Hope they get through it ok. xx



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