31 Mar 2015


This year is flying by !
Can you believe tomorrow is April and Easter is upon us once again ?
I mean wasn't it just Christmas a little while ago ?

I love an excuse to celebrate. Family, food, wine, decorations. Any excuse really to spend time with my family. To love, laugh, share and create memories.
My boys are "too old" for the Easter bunny these days, but that doesn't stop me from waiting until they are fast asleep before putting out their Easter eggs.
I'm still a kid at heart and they WILL play along !

I don't usually decorate for Easter, but since the Easter Sunday meal is being held at my place this year, I thought why not make a little something.


You will need-
*A plastic or Styrofoam egg
*Glitter glue
*Small pom pom
*Hot glue gun

Wrap the wool around the plastic egg using the glue gun to keep in place.

Once fully covered and you have a shape that you like, cut bunny ears out of the felt and using the chalk, rub a little colour to show some definition to the ears. Glue in place.

Next, I used little pieces of hessian to make whiskers and glued these along with a tiny pom pom in place for a nose.

Finally, add a touch of sparkle using glitter glue for the eyes.

They are nothing flash, just something easy and cute to put together for your Easter celebration. An activity you could do with the kids.

Hopping over to Essentially Jess to share my Yarn Bunnies :)

beck xx


  1. Oh how cute is that! That's a great idea. I could whip up a couple of tiny ones with old kinder surprise containers :)

    1. Oh the tiny ones would be SO cute. Happy Easter xx

  2. Cute. When is anything to do with bunnies not a winner? Admittedly, I confess I have bought a glue gun and never been brave enough to use it with, or without my kids around yet. #teamIBOT

    1. I am known for always burning myself when using my glue gun. Hope you have a lovely Easter sweetie x

  3. What a lovely idea. Me and my two children made some this morning and they turned out great. Thank you for the idea. X

    1. Oh that's fantastic : ) I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Thank you for stopping by xx

  4. Oh bless so cute, can I say that I'm SO glad I saw this after Easter as now I have no guilt for not making them! I hope yours was fab x

    1. Too funny : )
      We had a great Easter thanks sweetie, hope yours was fabulous as well xx



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