27 Mar 2015


Thank goodness it's Friday. I never thought we would ever reach it.

My sleep pattern has been all over the place this last week. Falling to sleep earlier at night, waking very early in the morning still feeling exhausted, my mind swimming with all I must get on with but no energy to put my feet to the floor.
Its only March, the first term of school is only just coming to an end, yet I feel as though we have been on an exhausting journey with still no end in sight. If we can only just get throgh this last week of school, we can relax for a couple of weeks and put routine aside. For a little while at least .I can't wait.
But first we must see son number three through his first lot of grade twelve exams. Hold me !

It's been a mighty sad week on the news front. More sad news flashing across our TV screens, a school friend being diagnosed with an awful disease, and two major accidents not far from our home. News like this makes you want to hold your loved ones close and never let them go ever again.

It's still stinking hot and humid here (that's what is making me very lethargic I think) According to our local weather man, we can expect it to get worse before it gets better. I'm hanging out for a change of season this year, I can't remember the weather ever taking such a toll on me. I must be getting to old and cranky to deal with this constant heat. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

On a brighter note, this cheeky little girl has brought us so much joy. She loves snuggles and is never far from my side. She has the best personality and has quickly settled into our family. She is my substitute baby ☺️

I brightened our home with flowers this week to bring a little happiness to our hearts and hall. There is nothing better then a freshly cut bouquet.

Im really happy with my blog so far this year. It really seems to be picking up. I've been paying a lot more attention to it (I know that helps) and I'm starting to see the benefits. Thank you to everyone of you who pop by to say hello, I really appreciate the support.

So as the weekend approaches, hold your loved ones close. Take time out to relax, and have the best
weekend possible.

Linking up this Friday for another week of FYBF with the lovely Grace of With Some Grace


  1. Time is funny isn't it, it goes by so fast but so slowly at the same time. I hope you get to reset yourself over the school holidays, I know I am looking forward to it. And I agree, nothing as lovely as fresh flowers int he house.

    1. Hope you have a great weekend. Thank you for dropping by to say hi xx

  2. Fresh flowers always bring a smile to my face! I hope you have a less exhausting and less stressful week next week!

    1. Thanks gorgeous, I'm sure next week will be much better. Have a great weekend xx

  3. Flowers are an amazing thing the way they brighten a home. A lot like the kitten actually! Hope next week is better for you hun. xxx

  4. I'm already feeling much better thanks sweetie. Put myself to bed early and got a great nights sleep. Have a great weekend xx



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