28 May 2013

A Midnight Rescue

We had an unforgettable trip away.................

A weekend of relaxation, fishing, fine food and drinks. The chance to unwind and get to know some of the people that Mr Crafty works with. That was the invitation we received for his works "Social Club" weekend away. No kids, just a group of adults sitting around talking outside of the working environment, relaxing and I guess drinking a little too much.

Better make that drinking WAY too much.

What started out on Friday as a simple get together turned into an adventure for some that they wont be forgetting any time soon.

Three highly intoxicated men
Two very silly female backpackers
One midnight rescue !

The resort we stayed at was tucked away in the beautiful Whitsundays. Tucked away so well, that the majority of us attending didn't even know that it existed. 
Cape Glouster Eco Resort was everything you expect in this gorgeous part of the world. Chrystal waters, long sandy beaches and accommodation to die for. It truly was a little piece of heaven here on earth.

We arrived to find that some of the "crew" were out on a fellow workmates boat setting crab pots. Those who had arrived earlier in the day had already settled in with a few drinks and were quite "merry" already. Right then we knew we would be in for a BIG night. But not as big as it ended up.

The adventure had only just began ! 

On their return from the boating expedition, it was decided that we would move up to the restaurant area and get some food into the bellies of the "happy" few and settle into an area that was some what warmer.
It was freezing.

The night progressed well. There was much laughter, glorious food, and yes, a lot of drinking. I began to notice just how "old" I was getting as I tried hard to keep up the pace of the twenty year old's who made up the majority of our group in age. 
LOL I didn't do to bad really, and was proud not to be the first in bed :)

Later as the "boys" played pool, I sat with the ladies chatting and laughing, I was finally feeling at ease after having the jitters originally, as I did not know anyone all that well. 

As the night progressed we noticed that a few of the fellas had disappeared, and we assumed that they had, had enough and had headed off to bed. That was until one of them appeared dressed in his wet suit and headed off towards where the boat had been moored. 

Here they were, drunk as skunks heading out to check the crab pots ! Are you kidding me ? What were they thinking ? They would not listen to reason and all boarded the boat with the two back packer bar attendees in tow. 
They had all gone completely mad...........

It must have been around midnight when the call came in. 
No one believed them at first.
But then the reality of the situation soon began to sink in.

They had flipped the boat ! and all five of them were clinging to whatever they could find to keep themselves afloat. It was dark and the water was icy. And to top it off, the area is not called "Tiger Shark Bay" for the fun of it.

Back on shore people sprang into action, I can honestly say that I have never seen so many people sober up so fast. 
The resort owner managed to call her father and off he went in his boat to rescue the crew "lost at sea" 

They were lucky that no one was hurt just their pride they were lucky that one of the phones still worked. They were stupid to attempt such an adventure whilst so drunk. The back packer girls (who were sober) were a mess, and can you believe that one of them willingly got into the boat with highly intoxicated men that they had only just met that afternoon and she couldn't swim !!!!!

The mind boggles

The contents of the boat are lost forever. 
The boat itself needs a lot of work. 
The night will provide much conversation in the workshop this week I am sure. And the fellas involved will be given much ribbing by their work mates.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend. But one that of course will not be forgotten in a hurry :)

And by the way, the crab pots were full of jennies and had to be let go.........

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