21 May 2013

Super Power Be Gone

Imagine my surprise last week, when I finally discovered that hidden amongst my many talents cough cough that I do actually posses my very own SUPER POWER !

Are you ready for my power to be revealed ?

I posses the power of INVISIBILITY...........
Imagine that. I am a real life Super Mum.

Every morning as the sun rises and after my first cup of much needed coffee of the day, I start my day by ritually dressing in my Super Mask and Super Cape that is washed and pressed within an inch of its life.I rouse everybody from their deep slumber and begin my daily routine. 
In our household am I the only one ? I am head chef, the household maid, washer woman and ironing master. Chief taxi driver, head nurse, teacher and mediator. 
I am called for and yelled at, complained to and sighed at. I have had the pleasure of witnessing tantrums and eye rolls, slammed doors and even a few attempts of running away. Really ??


A mothers fathers job is defiantly not a glamorous one. And more often then not is down right exhausting and offers up the feeling of being unappreciated. 
This was me last week unglamorous, tired, grumpy and ignored It was the week when I finally woke up and realised that I was "special" that I did actually posses and deserve the title of Super Mum. 
To my family I had become Invisible. 
All was fine when I was doing something that was of benefit to another household member, but the moment I requested something be done for me, or for something such as a chore that needed to be attended to, everyone seemed to magically loose their hearing and their ability to move.
Nothing was important unless it was a benefit to them.

My desire to posses the power of invisibility has always been a dream. And each time I watched  Harry Potter uncovered the invisibility cloak, my desire to posses such a power increased. To me it was the ultimate, unattainable super power that I longed for.
But as my children grew into teenagers, not to mention hubby's selective hearing which has gotten much worse over the years. My increased invisibility to my family has worn down my desire to posses such a power. Being ignored, which lets face it, is exactly what being invisible actually is. Really isn't what I thought it was cracked up to be. I want to be seen, I want to be heard. I want to be included and I do not want to be left out or forgotten. 

The Super Mum title is usually one that is tossed around loosely, and is usually used in context with Hollywood Actresses and Super Models. The everyday mums that do it all day in and day out, sometimes with help and sometimes without, are the ones that deserve this elusive title. 

But is it really a title that we want to be tagged with ?

After living with my much desired power on and off for the last few years, I am happy to hand it back and live life as a normal, down to earth parent that may very well deserve the title of Super Mum but is more then happy to let someone else claim the title rights..........


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  1. Oh, Beck... ain't that the truth! Motherhood is... well, hard work (not that I need to tell you that!). But being a Super Mum - I sure don't want that title either! X

    1. It is hard work, but also very rewarding....I am just having a rant lol but speaking the truth from my heart at the same time xxx

  2. Ha! I love this! And I know exactly what you mean, unfortunately.

  3. Oh hunny I am sooo hearing you! Although I think my change in tune with cracking my whip may be uncloaking me a lot over the past few months!

    You ARE SuperMum. I think you need to reassess which power you have though... we SuperMums have more powers than we realise :)

    MC x

    1. Reassess my power Mmmmm, leave it with me, and I will see what I can come up with lol whatever it is, it has to be better then being invisible :) thanks for stopping by lovely xx

  4. I love this post!
    It scares me a little though that my son is only 4 and I am already invisible to him and the fact that husbands selective hearing can actually get worse is well, unbelievable.
    Ah, the joys of motherhood. I think its time we found a way to convey to the people of the household that things do not automatically get done, there are no cleaning fairies or magic potions that magically makes a house run effortlessly.
    Maybe we do have magic powers, in that we have skins of steel and can continue to love them relentlessly even though they continue to keep shooting little bullets at us. They chink our armour, but we keep fighting back, building it back up ready to fight another day :)
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

    1. Thank you taking the time to stop by :) hope I didn't scare you to much with spilling the beans about hubby's selective hearing getting worse LOL

  5. Oh, Beck...I so hear you! How many times has my husband insisted that I didn't tell him about an upcoming appointment or event. But he wasn't listening!!!
    And don't get me started on the twins...I'm already sounding like a broken down record with them...

  6. I think I might have that talent also! I might go a day without speaking and see what happens. I suppose it's females who are mums because we can do stuff without gratitude but lots of attitude! Em x

  7. I think we should all have a HUGE ceremonial burning of our Super Mum capes. By the way I think selective hearing is a secret super power children and husbands possess! xx



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