14 May 2013

A Little Healthy Competition, Or Two

As the year rushes by at an alarming speed, it seems as though lately I haven't even had a chance to  stop and scratch myself let alone keep up with all that is going on in our household. Between school  assignments, work commitments and various other activities, we have so far had an adventurous couple of months.

The youngest member of the Crafty household, Mr 13 is known for putting up his hand and throwing himself head first into anything that grabs his fancy, and so he has had quite a big few weeks lately, with a lot going on at school.
Ever since he first walked through the school gate at age 5, he has always been the type of child that gets involved in every aspect of school that he possibly could, and things have not changed since he began High School this year. 

He is a child full of confidence and has never been afraid to put himself out there. And his determination was evident this week when he challenged himself yet again and entered into the running for Grade 8 Student Council Leader......

Speeches were read 
A secret vote was taken
The winner announced 
{Insert drum roll please}
He won !

His determination had paid off yet again, and he became the third Crafty teen to be selected into the Student Council. He was full of pride the smile on his face and his puffed out chest as he made his important announcement at dinner time was priceless.  


Next up for Mr 13 was a "Junior Master Chef" competition. 
For two weeks he and his friend/cooking partner worked hard preparing a menu and planning their attack on the world of cooking. The winners would go on to compete against the winners of other local High Schools, and from there whoever won would go on to compete for the state title of "School Junior Master Chef" 

The day of competition arrived and excitement was in the air. Spaghetti and Meatballs was the chosen dish, and as the ingredients were packed into a cooler bag for the trip to school, I reminded Mr 13 that no matter what the out come, he was already a winner for  giving the competition a go.

As it turned out, they came equal second, not a win but a job very well done none the less. I was proud of my little master chef and am looking forward to him recreating the dish for our family next weekend.........

Happily linking up and sharing Mr Thirteens adventures with the adorable Jess for IBOT :)


  1. You have a very talented and fantastic little man there! He has most certainly done you proud!!!! :)

    Saying hi from #IBOT
    Winnie @Bubfriendly

    1. He is a fantastic little man :) and always makes me proud ! I know that he doesn't get his "go out and get em" life style from me, if I can avoid being in the front line of anything I will. Thank you for stopping by x

  2. Well done Mr 13 - I hope you get to enjoy his cooking soon!

    1. He has promised to cook his "dish" this coming weekend :) I am sure this will involve many photos taken and another blog post to show of my little mans skills

  3. Your son sounds like he is enjoying life to the full and knows a thing or two about "Carpe Diem"! My kids were not much for joining in or doing stuff, so I nearly fell off my chair on the weekend when Miss 16 announced that she was joining the singers at church ... just quietly, I'm excited to see her finally getting involved in something!

    visiting from #teamIBOT xxx

    1. I was never one for throwing myself out there, I was always the one hiding in the background praying not to be picked for something. Good luck to your daughter, I am sure will do just fine and sing like an angel xx

  4. I have to say that I was always quite outspoken and a team leader at school but not sure that will happen with my kids, I think I need to get over that now - yeah?? BTW - A BIG congrats!! Em xx

    1. How I wish that I could have been more outspoken at school, I am only just starting to find the courage to do things that I only ever dreamed of. Thank you for stopping by again Em, you always bring a smile to my face xx

  5. awww congrats Beck for your gorgeous boy. How proud are you!!! I love kids that get out there and go after what they want. Good on him xx

  6. Oh, Becky! Whatta proud mama you must be! Such wonderful achievements! And a future politician and a future chef all under the one roof! :)

  7. My miss 9 is very much the same as this! She would do anything and everything if we let her!
    Good on you for raising so many school council members! That's something to be proud of xx



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