7 Jun 2013

Mon Vie Sur Papier {my life on paper}

Over the years I have received many special things that have meant the world to me, so special that it has been impossible not to hang on to them with dear life.
Cards, pictures, letters and hand made treasures from my boys and Hubby, things that I will cherish for my entire life time.
One year for my birthday I received a beautiful box that has since become "My Treasure Box" here is where I keep all these things that are so precious to me, a safe haven for my treasures.

My gorgeous treasure box

Every now and then when I get the chance or need to. I sit quietly with a cup of coffee and go through these items remembering times gone by and realising just how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family. 

Recently I have had the need to do just this. To sit and read the messages that hold such memories. 

One such piece of writing is getting quite creased I really must laminate it soon it is usually the piece I reach for first, the piece that brings a smile to my face and rivers of tears to my eyes. 

It is a piece written by my eldest son for a Primary School project back in 2006 when he was a mere 13 years old. It is a very personal piece of writing. So much so, that he was actually asked by his teacher to get "permission" from me to have it submitted.

After long and careful consideration, I have decided to share this written piece of work. It has been a hard decision and one that I have not taken lightly, but it is something that I feel I need to do. It is going to show you a side of me that I usually keep to myself, something or rather someone that I usually try to keep hidden from those who do not know me well. 

It is short, it is sweet and it is something that I will always treasure and hold close to my heart. For my son to have written something so heart wrenching and beautiful about me, his mother, is truly something so very special, something that will be dear to me for life.

Here is his piece of work.......

Rebecca Gene Berger

When you define a hero, a few terms come to mind. Heroic, courageous, trustworthy and brave. Some people look at these qualities and say that makes a great Australian. Most people think of the greatest Australians as an athlete, or an actor, or even a surgeon. While others look for the comfort of their own home, they believe that the greatest Australian is one of their parents.

My mother was born on the 28th of September 1974 and named Rebecca Gene ---. Later in life she would be known as Rebecca Gene ----- after her parents divorce and her mothers remarriage, and then finally Rebecca Gene Berger after her marriage to my father Daniel David Berger. She would then later on in life go on to have four children named Christopher Gage, Joshua Kyle, Isaac Daniel and Benjamin James.

As a young girl my mother was a compassionate, artistic, vibrant young lady. She always thought of others before herself, always giving without receiving. My mother is the kind of person everyone wanted to be friends with. She was a kind, sharing girl always striving to achieve her best.

Extra curricular activities which she loved included playing the keyboard, studying French, writing music and even painting. Today she doesn't write music, she speaks little French and hasn't played a keyboard in years. She still paints but her new hobbies and interests are now scrap booking, beading and decorating our house. She loves her family and would do anything to protect us.

Although how I have said only good things about my mother she does have dark times in her life. My mother was diagnosed with depression at an early age of her life. She had lost a child between my brother Joshua and I, and as all mothers would be, my mother was devastated, but she had my father, her parents, my dads parents, and she had me. It took her a while to get over this tragedy but she has never given up on her journey. She has always been true to herself and others.

Written by 
Christopher Berger

This piece of writing is heart wrenching for me to read and share. But I share it now as the dark days still haunt me and at this time in my life I am finding myself back there where I do not want to be. I guess I am sharing it to maybe use it as an apology for my dreary tweets and posts/or lack of lately and I am hoping that by writing this down and sharing it, it may just jog me back, kick me in the back side and pull me out from under this dark cloud that has trapped me once again.

I may not leave this post up. I may end up regretting putting this out there {who knows}. But for now, I am letting those of you who read this post a closer look inside the person that is me. 

The original 

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Have a fabulous weekend everyone x


  1. What a wonderful post, thank you for sharing. I'm sitting here crying as well! Your son is intelligent, sensitive and articulate - he obviously gets that from his mum. Big hugs.

  2. Oh Back, I have tears running down my face. What an amazing piece of writing by Christopher. You deserve to be proud, not only of what he has written, but of how he sees you because clearly you are a wonderful person who wants to do for others.
    I am so sorry to hear that things dark for you now - if you need someone to talk to, I am here for you. Having come out of my own dark time I think I can imagine exactly how you feel and if there is anything I can do to help I would love to be able to help.
    I used to worry about posts that weren't up beat and full of enthusiasim and then I realised (after some blogging friends got hold of me)it's during the dark times that I really needed their support. They weren't just here to read about the good times in my life, they were here to help me through the bad times as well.
    If there is anything at all I can do to help - whether it is a phone call or an e-mail - whatever, I would love to be able to help you.
    Have the best day that you can !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  3. I wish I could whisk you away for a girl's only weekend. Beck do you put too much pressure on yourself? If so, take a great look around. You are an amazing person, you've successfully raised a mob of awesome boys. Do not ever be ashamed to be real! Not EVER! It's during these raw moments that you grow and you realise how many people truly care.

    Big hugs Beck, I'm so glad you wrote this post. From someone who claimed her life was too boring to own a blog to this amazing post… You ROCK!

  4. Beautiful Beck. What a wonderful writer your son is. That is really quite extraordinary. And now I know he has a creative mum, so he probably gets it from her. Thank you for sharing it, and I hope it does give you some comfort to let down your guard and know that people will still love knowing you. xx Hope you find a way up soon - perhaps through those creative pursuits? xx

  5. I'm sure that was hard to write, and share. What an amazing piece of writing! And you HAVE to laminate it TODAY! I just bought a cheap one from Aldi. Have a lovely long weekend and hugs x



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