1 Mar 2013

A Day For Me-Part Two

I cant believe it's been a week already since I had my long awaited day of solitude. It was a day of doing nothing except what took my "fancy" and putting aside the everyday dreaded housework and what usually "has" to be done, and just doing something for me !
We all need days like this, days off to recharge our batteries and just chill. It may not happen very often for us mums, but when we do get the chance to have a day of relaxation and throw caution to the wind, we lap up every ounce of these precious moments.

Last Friday started out as normal, waking sleeping teens (always a dangerous moment) gently pushing encouraging them to eat breakfast, pack school bags, shower and leave for school.
They sensed that I was eager to get moving on this particular day, and so I am sure that the dragging of feet and the rolling of eyes were their way of testing my limits but I was determined to put aside their small annoyances and concentrate on my day ahead :)

Pulling away from the school I think my wave to the boys was a little "too" enthusiastic, I was smiling from ear to ear.......

I headed right to the shopping center to indulge in a little retail therapy.
First stop, why it was coffee and a sneaky cake of course :)
with a side of people watching.
People fascinate me, we are all so different yet at the same time so similar. Sitting back watching mums struggle with their babes and toddlers stirred memories of my own toddler shopping days, a mixture of glee that I no longer have to deal with sudden melt downs, sadness that, that part for me is over.

Next I began to wonder through the many gorgeous shops showing off the latest Autumn/Spring fashions and couldn't help but purchase a few pieces for my upcoming trip to Sydney for the Digital Parents Conference :)
The closer the time comes for the conference the more nervous I am  getting.

On a whim I decided that new hair was in order and so I headed in the direction of my stylist who promptly sat me in the chair and began snipping away (all that is needed now is a colour)
After picking up a few things at the grocery shop, yes no matter what, the masses still needed to be fed dinner, I headed home to finish off the afternoon with a home foot spa and a bit of catching up with some of my favorite blogs.

It was sheer bliss :)

I enjoyed my day, and wish that I could fit a whole day of doing nothing into my weekly schedule.
Oh well at least when the opportunity does arise it rejuvenates me a little and helps me get by until the next time.

I hope everyone got a little time to themselves this past week and managed to get a spring back into your weary step.

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  1. What a nice day! I need to things like this more often. Rachel x

    1. It doesn't happen often here either, but I so enjoy it when it does :)

  2. Sounds like such a wonderful day. So glad you made all that time for yourself. I am quite looking forward to my trip to Sydney as it will be my first alone time since like forever!

    1. I did have a lovely day, I enjoyed every minute.
      Looking forward to meeting you in Sydney sweetie :) x

  3. Sounds ideal and just what the doctor ordered! I hope you get to do it much more! Have a great weekend x

    1. Thanks lovely :) you have a wonderful weekend to xx



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