18 Mar 2013

DPCON - Butterflies In My Belly

I'm packed
And in 24 hours I will be boarding my flight to Sydney, where I will be attending the Digital Parents Conference. I am very nervous, very excited and to be honest, just plain old scared out of my mind. But I know that with my partner in crime by my side "showing me the ropes" the awesome Jules from The Bumpiest Path I will be led down the path of mischief in good hands and we will have the BEST TIME EVER !

The past few days have been hectic, I thought I was on track to being organized with plenty of time to "double check" that everything is just right, so there would be no last minute rush or need to panic. But as usual this is not the case.
I woke this morning with a start ! It's Monday........
How did that happen ? What happened to the weekend ? It totally got away from me and I also just realized this morning, that I totally forgot to link up with FYBF :( sorry Grace, it honestly slipped my mind.

I don't often leave my family and head off on an adventure all on my own, in fact the only other time I have ventured off on my own was to a Scrap booking retreat that was for two nights and I attended with my Mother In Law.....we must do that again :)

I know the boys will be fine, they are quite capable of getting by without me, I just hope that I will be able to get by without them for so long !
I'm sure that I will manage :)

Is it awful that I am excited to be "getting away" from the everyday norm ?
Should I be feeling more guilty then I am ?

I am starting to feel very over whelmed, just the thought of being in the room with so many fabulous bloggers many of whom I am in awe of and cant wait to meet in person, is starting to make the butter flies dance in my belly, I hope I fit in, I hope that I don't make an absolute fool of myself.......

I ran out of time to get my nails done, I had to cancel my hair appointment :( But I did manage to work out my outfit for the gala dinner and pack my Giraffe successfully into my suitcase !!

So I've been thinking, maybe I should change my name to Daggypjmum and just throw caution to the wind and turn up to the conference in my PJ's ;) at least you will all know exactly who I am !!
Please give me a wave and say hello, I promise that no matter "how I look", I am friendly and cant wait to meet you all

Safe travels everyone and see you all soon


  1. It's going to be great! see you there! x

    1. Looking forward to meeting you Catherine x

  2. I am honestly SO excited for you, Beck! I wish this was the time our paths would cross... but instead, I'll have to follow your escapades on twitter. Enjoy, lovely. You deserve it! X

    1. Thank you my gorgeous friend, I promise one day our paths WILL cross xx

  3. Will be on the look out for someone in their PJ's ... can't wait to meet you xx



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