25 Mar 2013

Attending DPCon13 : An Amazing Experience

It's over.
What an amazing week. One that has been ingrained in my mind for the long hall. I climbed the ladder of uncertainty and conquered the fear of putting myself in an unknown situation. I attended the Digital Parents Conference and managed to turn my fears around, and knock on the door of self awareness. It was nerve wracking. A brand new experience full of wonder and awe. Yet I could still not shake the inner voice nagging me.
What in the world was I doing ?
I was absolutely terrified, shaking to my very core, wondering if I would fit in, If I would really belong ?

There was no need to panic.

As promised, I was led down the garden path taken by the hand and shown the "ropes" so to speak. Jules my constant supporter, my gentle encourager and life long friend was beside me all the way. She was my rock, and made me realize that I had nothing to worry about.
I did belong
I do matter
And if nothing else, I am worth my place in this world.

My head is full, a whirling mass of information. I think it may just take me a few weeks to process everything and see if I can put all that I learned into action.
I am excited ! I am full of determination, and I have many ideas...

If only I can pull it off.

Aside from all the blogging lessons learned. I was honored to have had the pleasure to meet so many wonderful inspiring people. Many of whom I am now lucky enough to call friends.

I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for those who were brave enough to stand before us, and share with such raw emotion their most private stories and their deepest emotional feelings. Baring their soles to all was defiantly not an easy path to walk.

I had no idea that the week would bring with it so many emotions. My eyes were blurred from crying, my stomach still hurts from laughing. It was a roller coaster ride full of may twists and turns and one that I am honored to have had the chance to be apart of.

So many memories to cherish 


  1. I know what you mean...some very, very brave ladies shared in those few days...and I had to try really hard to keep it all together...Tears!!

  2. It was very hard to keep it together. I honestly don't know how they did it

  3. I'm so glad you went. I saw pics of you living it up w/thebumpiestpath. It sounds like a wonderful experience sharing with each other. A week away from the family is a big decision and this was a good one.



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