14 Mar 2013

Oh Boy, What's Next ?

It seems as though this child is destined to keep me entertained for life. A wild child, and a free spirit from the day he was born, there is never a dull moment while he is around. He is a child/teen full of character and has never been one to shy away from anything. He is daring, and heads into mischief with full force, no holds barred.

Over the years he has given me many reasons to smile, and to gasp in horror. Like the time he painted his cot in poo, decided to wear his birthday cake, or when he bathed the dog in mud.

Cake face
Now he is a teen (almost 15) he is no less entertaining. His antics have us in fits of laughter, and some of the things he comes out with would be worthy of any good comedienne (possible future job maybe ?)

Always the clown

But the latest "teen trend" he has bought into, or whatever you want to call it, freaked me out to say the least.
On returning home the other day after shopping with his oldest brother, he marched through the house locking himself in the bathroom for a good half hour.
Knowing full well that he was "up to something" I questioned my other sons to find out exactly what he was up to. Of course this is the time they decided that brotherly loyalty was worth putting in practice instead of "dobbing".

I must admit that I was a little concerned, after all this is our child who is full of surprises. I was not sure what to expect.

Low and behold when he finally came out of the bathroom, I must admit that he looked completely normal for a teenage boy however on closer inspection due to the cheeky smile he had plastered on his face I noticed that all things were not quite as normal as first thought.......

Those eyes
He had gone and purchased a pair of coloured contact lenses. His response to the look on my face. "I didn't tell you because I knew you would not let me get them"
You think !!
I did have a chuckle, it certainly could have been worse, he is a clown, always looking for new ways to shock. And this time he freaked me out to........

Do you have a child/teen that gives you a sore belly from laughter ?
Or one that can sets out to shock ?

Would love to hear about more child/teen characters :)


  1. lol I think every family needs one! Is he your middle child? I find a lot of middle children play the clown :) My middle son is always up to mischief and drama, usually laughing hysterically. He is always the one that funderwear on under his uniform or goes to school with his pjs under his school clothes! I swear he would forget his head if it wasn't screwed on!

  2. Cathy he is number 3 child out of 4 such a crazy delight

  3. That's insane! Where do you even get those from!? What a character.

  4. LOL, my second child, DD has a pair of these, I nearly flipped when she first put them in and looked at me! She is right into cosplay- right now molding plaster horns for her next Supernova convention.



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