13 Nov 2012

Restore Yourself

I love spending time alone, no I actually crave it....
The silence, to feel peaceful, to restore myself....
Sometimes I need a quiet moment, I need to escape. A good book, a walk on the beach, time in my garden or time alone in my car just driving, it helps me feel free, feel energized.
In the car I crank the music up loud as loud as these old ears will allow and as they say, I sing like no one is listening !!

It doesn't happen often, but when it does I love it.

The purpose of life is to be happy, from deep within we desire contentment. Spending time alone refreshes us, and helps remove any insecurities that we may be feeling.
Spending time alone injects our bodies with energy and power, giving us the strength to carry on.

But is it normal for me to long for these short solitary moments ? Does it make me a bad person, a bad wife, a bad mother ?
I don't always have all the answers, even though I like to think I do but one thing I do know, is that's it's perfectly OK for me to enjoy some time alone, whether it be a single moment to clear my mind and just breathe deeply, or a day of total solitude to refresh my tired body, doing the things that make me happy, that help revive my mind, body and soul, it all contributes to helping me be the best everything that I can be.

Everyone needs time to themselves to survive, to be at their best, to be happy and content within. When we are all these things, it reflects on our families and makes life easier, happier, more complete, and it's much easier to deal with whatever it is that we need to face.

I use to feel guilty when I escaped left my daily duties as mum, wife, homemaker and did something for myself, but I have come to realise that these moments away from the daily grind benefit not only me and my sanity, but that of my family to. When I am happy and at peace, I am easier to get along with, easier to please, and not so easily annoyed, hence how my time out can help my family cogs turn in better harmony, and what could be more peaceful then that !


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