12 Nov 2012

We Made It !! Graduation Week 2012...

Well here we are !
We made it !
Its Year 12 graduation week. We survived the ups and downs, bumps and bruises. My 2nd babies schooling years have reached there end, and it's time for him to step through the next door, and transform from child to grown up. What lays before him is exciting, a whole new world to explore, the next chapter of his life is about to begin....

As his mum, I am bursting with pride at his accomplishments, he has worked hard and achieved so much. I couldn't be more proud. The world is his oyster and anything that he chooses to do from now on, I know that he will give everything that he can possibly give. He is a determined young man that deserves every greatness in life.

Why then do I feel so topsy turvey ?
So emotional ?
I just want to grab hold of him, and keep him a little boy for a while longer ? Keep him close. Hold him near.
I'm excited for him, I am. But at the same time I am feeling very nervous....
I am not yet ready to let go of him, he is a big part of my world and I have totally devoted my every being to him. It's silly really, but I honestly thought it would get easier to watch each child grow up and graduate, to see them reach this wonderful stage of their lives. I was very wrong. It gets harder.
One by one my babies are growing up and it seems to me that the years have gone by much to fast.
It seems that only yesterday I held them in my arms for the first time, and looked into their big beautiful eyes so full of wonder, I want that back......

Friday is looming, before the big day, we have a final suit fitting, and a wild head of hair to tame.
He is going to look handsome, I cant wait to see him all dressed up. I am sure that I will be that annoying mum with the camera :)

So my wonderful son, good luck on your last week of school, enjoy your last days and make lasting memories and just remember that you have made your family very proud.

Go out and conquer the world.
And I will go out and buy a really good quality waterproof mascara.

All grown up ... my 2012 Graduate.

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  1. Wow, what a mile stone! Your little baby, all grown up. Time does fly. I'm sure I'll be there before I know it with my little one.



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