7 Nov 2012

Crafty's Blunders and Mishaps...Useless Housewife Tips !

It's funny how a random tweet, and poking a little bit of fun at yourself can inspire a giggle, and spark an idea for a "silly" blog post list...and how a "cheeky" response to that tweet is all you need to set that post in motion ! This is exactly how this post came about, and how from a simple tweet an idea can grow.

Today's blog post is proudly brought to you by "Crafty's Useless Homemaker Tips".
A list of my "housewife" mishaps, that was inspired by a wonderful friend in the "Twitterverse".

"T", this is for you.
Sit back and have a giggle at my expense :)
  • When ironing, it's probably a good idea to turn the iron on before you start. Not when your half way through the basket !
  • To cook dinner, it helps to defrost the meat AND turn the oven on.
  • The washing wont dry unless you remember to peg it out. It sure doesn't smell very nice if left to fester in the machine, especially in a QLD summer !! 
  • Cars require fuel....
  • Do NOT forget how many children you have....on a few occasions I may, or may not have left a child behind bad mother moment
  • A pair of socks do not belong in the freezer, and toothpaste does not belong in the laundry.
  • When hubby sends you to Bunnings for a worm farm, don't aimlessly wonder the aisles looking for a "freeze dried" packet, they do not come in "Sea Monkey" form. (Who knew ?)
  • Don't forget to remove the plastic from cheese slices, plastic cheese is not real nice !
  • Don't drive away from the kids school with their bags in the boot of your car, they may need them, and their lunch during some point in the day.
  • When an article of clothing says "Do NOT put in dryer" it's a safe bet not to !
  • Make sure both feet are wearing the same kind of shoe.
  • Do NOT attempt to colour your hair after a few glasses of wine. You may end up the colour of Barney the Dinosaur.
  • Check that your skirt is not tucked in your underpants when leaving a public toilet shame
  • When going to a Theme Park, don't wear a low cut top, the ride camera may just take your photo at the "wrong" time (if you know what I mean) 
  • Boil the jug before you pour that much needed coffee !!
     and finally, the one tip that I need to take notice of, the one I need to remember !!!!!!
     Drum roll please ........
  • PJ's are not appropriate attire for the school run !! You may just get caught !! WHOOPS...
These are of course not all the mishaps that I have had/done, and I am positive that there are many more ahead of me !! 
Hopefully just like me, you have all had a giggle at my expense, and maybe by just giving this post a glance, I have been able to bring a smile to your day :)
Thanks "T" for giving me this idea, I hope that you enjoyed the "silly" read xxx

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  1. You seriously did not look for freeze dried worms? Oh My Oh My!



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