20 Nov 2012

Through The Eyes Of A Child

This week I watched as my second eldest son graduated Grade 12. It was an emotional few weeks leading up to that final day, tears and emotions were raw and on show. But somehow we made it through and come Friday night, a celebration was had.

I still cant comprehend that two of my sons have now left school.

Emotions however, are still running high in our household, as in the next few weeks we celebrate yet another graduation.....
The baby of our family, son number four has reached the end of his Primary School years and in the new year, will begin the next part of his schooling journey. I don't know how I am going to cope with this one, I really don't.
If I was such a mess last week, I may just completely fall apart on this day.

See, I can't begin to imagine what it's going to be like to say farewell to Primary School forever. It's been  a long and grueling 15 year journey and to think that this part of our lives is over for good is quite sad and impossible to imagine. 

I have spent the past few days wondering what is going through my sons head as he reaches his last days at the only school he has ever known. What he is thinking ? How he is feeling ? Is he scared ? 
So after much consideration, I came up with an idea to do something a little different. I decided to ask my son to write a little "guest post" for Mums blog, to share his thoughts and what is going through that beautiful little mind of his....

And this is what he wrote. 

Introducing Ben...

"I am feeling a bit sad leaving Primary school. It's going to be very different at my new school and I am worried that I might get lost. 
Some of my friends are going to other schools and I may not see them much any more, and this makes me kind of sad, but I will make lots of new friends too. 
Some of my Primary school teachers are really awesome and I am going to miss them, I hope my new teachers will be just as cool.
I am happy that I will get to try new things, and get to choose some of the subjects that I will get to take, I'm looking forward to learning lots of new stuff. But I really hope that I don't get to much homework".

So that is how my 12 year old is feeling about the new path that he is about to take. It makes me smile, and it makes me sad. The time has come around much to quick.
His uncertainty is normal, it is a giant leap of faith into the unknown. But as his mother I know that he will be just fine, that he will tackle this new adventure with a positive attitude.  He is a strong boy who takes everything in his stride, and just like his big brothers puts his all into everything that he does.

Its hard, I am not ready to let my baby grow up yet, he is my last, and time has gone by much to quickly. But no matter what, he is always going to be mine to love and cherish.

Good luck little one, may your High School days be as fun, exciting and rewarding as your Primary days, may you stay strong and continue to be your own special person.
Never let anybody say that you cant do something, the world is yours for the taking and I know that you will succeed at whatever you choose to do with your life.

I love you xx

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  1. oh what a mixed emotion week you've had!! Congrats on your son Graduating High School!! And your other son graduating Primary School!!!

    I am sure your eldest son has wise words to survive school for your youngest!


  2. Oh this is huge! I completely understand you must be struggling with it!!
    What a champ he is though. I'm sure he'll do fine :)

  3. Big emotions in your household Beck. Graduations are milestones for everyone, including parents! Congratulations.
    I also hope Ben doesn't get too much homework :)

  4. One out the high school door, and the last one goes in. You're such an old hand at this!

  5. Beck what a huge time of adjustment for you. A new season approaching. You've done an awesome job. Welcome the steps ahead as adventure and give yourself space and time to reflect. You're an awesome, caring and devoted Mother.



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