23 Nov 2012

Why Do I Blog ?

The cheek of some people !

I was recently asked, why do you blog ?
Why are you wasting your time ?
Do you really think people are interested in what you have to say ?


Frankly, I blog because I can, because I want to. It's a way for me to express my thoughts and opinions, to connect with other people, to have fun and be creative. And no, I don't see it as wasting my time.
I enjoy blogging and I am quite miffed at myself, that I didn't pull my finger out and shrug off my self doubt sooner...

I have to say though that I am quite surprised at the number of people that have "landed" on my blog so far, I honestly didn't believe that it would generate much interest. Just like I was asked, I to never thought that anybody would be interested in anything that I have to say...

I was mistaken !

Its actually exciting to know that people do care, and take the time to read what I write. I didn't expect it, but I'm defiantly not complaining, the feed back has been nothing short of positive and encouraging. Thank you :)

So to the person who has such a negative opinion to blogging, I am sticking my tongue out at you and blowing a giant raspberry.....    cheeky of me I know

Your opinion doesn't matter to me, and how you found out that I blog is amusing, as I never actually told you ! So you see, if you think that I am wasting my time, it seems to me that you must be wasting your own, searching the web for blogs to read or maybe you found out by stalking my twitter account, Either way your rudeness has no place here, I am happy to say that I blog and I thoroughly enjoy reading my fellow bloggers posts, they are inspiring, and awesome, and when you say that I am wasting my time blogging, you are actually saying that many fine bloggers/writers are also wasting theirs !!!
So as far as YOUR opinion goes........


Happy blogging people


  1. Yayyyyy! I wanted to be the first to comment : )
    You are one awesome lady! & boy do you know how to address a post : ).
    You are definitely an inspiration to a newbie blogger like me.
    Thanks for a heads up should I get cornered one day in the near future : )

    1. LOL I am new to blogging to, so just feeling my way..How dare someone question what I do I say ......YAY for blogging :)

  2. Three cheers for blogging! Some people just don't get it do they. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

    1. Thanks for stopping by sweetie, Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you to xx

  3. You are right - that is just rude !!!!! I am sure you don't question the choices they make, why should they question how you spend your time !
    I love having a record of things that I can go back and read through to see how I dealt with certain situations and how far I have come with my training / eating / whatever.
    Have the best weekend !
    #FYBF visitor

  4. That is rude. You don't ask someone why they run, play tennis, read books, play scrabble etc! Everyone has a hobby or a favourite pass time, there is no reason to judge another person because what they want to do in their spare time is different to you.

  5. Some people just don't get it, which is crazy to me. I think why wouldn't you blog?

  6. That is really rude. I have only recently started blogging as well mainly as a journal of my time in Australia with my family but I have been really happily surprised by the fact that people I don't know are reading my little blog too and commenting. I suppose that if you don't blog then you don't understand it and the sense of community that comes with it. I think it is very arrogant and belittling to say something like that to someone because they do something they don't understand.
    Popped over from FYBF

  7. That is rude but many people don't get (to be honest I didn't really get it until I started blogging myself!) Coming up to the end of the year, I find my blog invaluable in looking back over what has happened and remembering all the highlights and lowlights of the year. It may be a public journal but it is a journal nonetheless and I will always be grateful for taking the time to publish my feelings and thougts.

  8. yikes I've created a bloggy monster. You Go Girl. I'm so proud of you. Blog ranting is a whole new realm of confidence and you did it with style. WELL DONE. Can't wait to see what happens after you've been to the DPCON13, we'd all better watch out.

  9. Hooray!
    Well said! I've been ridiculed and mocked for blogging but I've come to a similar place to you, I can shrug it off now. My hubby is perplexed by the whole thing. I wrote this post about our sex life, nothing too OTT, and I asked him to read before I posted it. So he says to me "I don't mind if you post it, I just don't know why you have to." And I said "Are you kidding me? This is so damn relatable, most couples are the same, the PEOPLE WILL LOVE THIS!" And the people did, and he smiled his 'you were right smile' and I think he's finally starting to get it.
    And I just wrote a freaking essay for a comment. Could have just said 'love this post'. Lol

    1. LOL Thank you so much :)
      and by the way I read your post and loved it xxx

  10. Non-bloggers just don't get why bloggers blog. But just keep at it and if they're open minded enough they'll eventually get it. And if they don't...meh. Keep poking that tongue out and blowing raspberries!
    Thanks for linking up with FYBF! Don't forget to add the FYBF button at the end of your post!
    Thanksies! :) x

  11. Glad you do. I've been enjoying reading your posts today.



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