9 Nov 2012

I Lost My Knickers !!

"Mum, my quilt cover stole your undies" !!!!

Please, before you start jumping up and down thinking that this is a highly inappropriate post..relax, but these are the words that my son called out to me the other day while attempting to make his bed yes actually attempting to make his bed. My teenage son miracle
Kids say the darndest things sometimes...
He was highly amused !!
I was mortified...

Every household has a hidden "sock monster" and when that monster strikes our home, it usually means that our socks have been sucked up into the atmosphere never to be seen again...
*sigh* I hate odd socks.
This time however, it was the "undie monster" that struck and unfortunately for me, just happened to steal my sexy pair of knickers, not my frumpy mum ones....and even more unfortunate is that the "undie monster" just happened to be hiding in the corner of my sons quilt cover. Shame.

We/I have lots of washing in our house, and so usually each set of bed linen is assigned its own washing day of the week. Quilts, sheets, blanket etc, everything is washed and aired out in the sunshine. Nice fresh sheets ! Love em...

On this particular day (the day my knickers found the inside corner of a quilt cover) for some reason, the washing roster was messed up and things were flying everywhere, work clothes, school clothes, sheets and blankets, you name it, it was piled high in the laundry with no end in sight, and this is the day that the "undie monster" decided to visit and steal my knickers !!

Why me ?
Of all things, and all places for them to end up.....
The boys got a giggle.
I blushed the same colour as my knickers, and I'm sure, about 49 other shades of red too.

So, my house has been invaded by "monsters". Highly evolved organisms that have never actually been sighted, voracious predators that prey on unsuspecting laundry and their mission ! to drive me insane, and now it also seems, determined to embarrass me in front of my teenage sons !!

Well Mr Monster
Your mission is complete ...                            
Well done.

Keep your eyes peeled for this little fella


  1. Ha ha! That's hilarious! Glad everyone got a giggle out of it :)

  2. Oh my gosh Beck that is totally hilarious you are too funny girl.



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