31 Jan 2017


Can you believe that tomorrow is February, its ridiculous.

School is back in swing for us here (our final year EVER) and the struggle of getting the teen up in the mornings has already begun. Homework isn't in full force yet, but I am preparing myself for that fight too. To all the parents out there, no homework disagreements do NOT get any easier. Sorry for being the bearer of bad news.

Anyway on another note, I have so far been sticking to my health and fitness challenges for the year. My water intake has almost doubled which for me is almost unheard of  amazing, adding slices of lemon or lime and lots of ice has made it easier for me to enjoy, but I am continuing to work towards my goal of drinking only water during the day, coupled of course with shots of caffeine. So far I am pleased with my progress and what I am aiming for.
February's goal is for me to make time to sit and enjoy a healthy breakfast. So many mornings I am fueled on coffee alone which doesn't give me a proper start to the day. With loosing weight my ultimate goal, eating three healthy balanced meals is something that I need to reintroduce, along with drinking more water and eating a healthy breakfast every morning, I also need to limit the amount of carbs I devour.
As far as exercise. I still need to move more. My excuse for not doing more exercise at the moment is the stifling heat. I really need to stop being a big baby and just get out there and do more. I continue to join in with Fat Mum Slim and her Make Life Good - Get Steppin' challenge. I am finding the Make Life Good community so uplifting and encouraging, coupled with the encouragement from the beautiful Suger and Styling Curvy, I have all I need to make 2017 my best year yet.

beck xx

If you want to join in and make some new changes to your life, this is the month by month challenge that I am following. It is simple and full of monthly changes that are achievable to make you live a more healthy active life.

It is not too late to start living the life that you want.

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