2 Jan 2017


I've deemed 2017 the year to kick some personal goals, concentrating on both my physical and mental health. Its definitely been a long time coming and with the help of some fellow bloggers who have tempted me with a few challenges that I have joined. I am excited to see the changes they will bring about even though its in the very early stages.

Apart from these awesome challenges, I decided I needed just that little bit more to keep me motivated. So as I do on multiple occasions, I turned to Pintrest, looking for challenges to further inspire my good intentions for 2017.
There were so many pins offering to help guide you to a "bigger and better" you. But knowing that if I tried to take on something too big to soon I would become overwhelmed and most likely fail. So I searched and sorted through the challenges until I found the perfect one for me.

Change is hard. But with this challenge, all you have to do is make one small change a month. Its simple, and something I know I will be able to achieve without to much fuss and bother.

We have all made New Year resolutions with good intentions only to wane from them just a few weeks in. But this challenge shared by eHow.com is more then a resolution. Its a simple but effective way to change bad habits at a slow pace.

I don't know about you, but for me that is definitely doable.

So if your ready to make some small but significant changes in your life, and are ready to break bad habits and introduce new healthy ones. Why not join me and many others from around the world over at Fat Mum Slim's STEP CHALLENGE on face book, or join little old me on this 12 MONTHS TO A BETTER YOU.
No one will belittle you if you stumble, no one will laugh at you if your goals are not fully reached. Its all just for a bit of fun and a few laughs while trying to follow a better path for a healthier you.

beck xx

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