1 Feb 2017

TAKING STOCK - January 2017

Hey you guys, we made it through the first month of a brand new year unscathed, happy and ready to tackle February with wide open arms.
January can be a funny month. The aftermath of Christmas and ringing in the new year can sometimes be a let down, but this year I just rolled with it and tackled each day with fresh new eyes, I've gathered all the good moments and left those yucky ones in the past where they belong. This will be the year fingers crossed that I finally give in and let myself enjoy what is and leave the worrying of what is not to somebody else for a change.

January you were a good month...

Making : Decisions on what is the perfect neutral to paint my home. How many off whites can there possibly be ? It is kind of crazy when you stop and think about it.
Cooking : A few new dinner recipes for my family. Some were a hit, some were not. I will share those that were devoured with enthusiasm very soon.
Drinking : More water. A goal I am making a priority for 2017
Reading : I read so many good books over the summer break. The Paper House by Anna Spargo-Ryan. The Gift by Louise Jensen and Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult are a few that I couldn't put down. 
Wanting : To gain enough courage to attend yoga classes.
Looking : Forwrd to what this brand new year will bring to out family.
Deciding : If I have enough guts to donate some of my vases. I have quite the collection which some may think is boarding on obsession. Maybe it is time to let go of some of those plain glass ones so I can replace them with pretty new ones ? ;)
Wishing : That we in Mackay are getting a full Ikea store instead of a order and collect. But I guess it is better then nothing hey. Confession I have never been inside an Ikea store ever !
Enjoying : The lazy mornings that come hand in hand with school holidays.
Waiting : For this stinking summer humidity to leave and for the return of some cooler nights
Liking : The smell of freshly cut grass on a hot summer evening.
Considering : A trip to the dentist to get my tooth fixed that has been broken for four years. I am totally petrafied of dentists !
Buying : All the summer fruits that I possibly can.
Watching : Shameless on Netflix. Where has this show been all my life ?
Hoping : That I continue to keep making the lunches for work and school the night before instead of doing the mad rush in the morning.
Cringing : Every single time that our dog barks.
Needing : To keep focused on my health and fitness this year.
Questioning : Why I didn't make more of an effort to sort myself out sooner.
Smelling : All the gorgeous summer blooms.
Wearing : Shorts again and loving it.
Noticing : That I really need to organise my wardrobe again and donate some of the things that I no longer wear.
Knowing : That my two sons that are out of work will find a job eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Work here is so hard to find at the moment.
Disliking : Cooking dinner in the heat.
Opening : Up the front door of a morning and greeting the world is something I have always loved.
Closing : The house up at night and heading to bed after a long busy day hot day is heaven.
Feeling : All sorts of emotions as my youngest son started his fianl year of schooling last week. Where exactly has all that time gone and how is it possible that we are here already ?
Hearing : The deafening sound of the Black Cockatoos that tell us rain is on the way.
Celebrating : We only have one payment left on our car. YES !
Pretending : That I am okay when I am not. Yeah I am done with that.
Embracing : My family. I am one lucky lady to be surrounded by people who care about me.

How was your start to the year ?
Did January treat you well ?
Are you relieved to have your babes back at school ?
Do you like the return to routine or are you a fan of lazy mornings and whatever goes ?

beck xx

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