12 Jan 2017


It's scary you know. To be on the verge of being made redundant of the best job that you could ever have asked for. Being a mum.
It seems silly to say that our job as mums come to an end because we never really get relived of the position, we are always going to be a mum, but there does come a time when like it or not our mum duties wind down and we are left wondering where did those years actually go.

This week I'm left staring down the barrel of mum redundancy. It's 2017, I'm forty two years old and tomorrow my baby turns seventeen. My BABY. 

On this day seventeen years ago, I had no clue as to just how fast today would arrive. Pregnant with my fourth son I thought that there was nothing but time up my sleeve, that the days would be forever long as they can be with four tiny babes at home, but in reality once they start on their schooling path time flies in the blink of an eye.

Benjamin James, you have bought so much love and laughter into our lives since the moment you arrived to our crazy household. The quiet babe who somehow instinctively knew just how to fit in perfectly with our rowdy bunch. A calmness surrounded you, making it easy to parent you in between the chaos and madness that buzzed around us. I will be forever grateful for the quiet times we shared at night once the lights were out and your brothers slept. So many beautiful memories, cherished times.

In just one short week you begin your final year at school. I sit here wondering what lies ahead once the last lunch box has been made, once the final school bell rings and I am no longer the mother to school children. Where does that actually leave me ? Still a mother I know, but my purpose will change, I will no longer be needed in the same way.

In the blink of an eye I became a mother.
In the blink of an eye you grew up.
In the blink of an eye we are here, balancing on the edge of a new horizon.

How did we get here so fast ?

Happy birthday my beautiful boy, remeber I am always here for you and that I will forever love you with all my heart.

love mum xx

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