7 Jan 2017


Its raining like it hasn't rained in the longest time. Roads are closed and pools are overflowing, thankfully though it has help drop the temperature. For now.
The rain is just what we need around here at the moment, the grass is now green and lush, the gardens drinking in the fresh goodness and blooming beautifully. 

The downside...the crazy's are out. Accidents are happening more frequently because people don't adjust their driving to compensate for the wet roads. I just hope that nobody gets hurt in their rush to get nowhere.

Hey, can we talk about the newest health "revelation". Its watermelon did you know ????

It's now apparently a super food. Now I'm not knocking the term super food, but how much money is going into the studies that require a food to become super ?  It seems to me the only thing that is bought about these studies is a higher price at the supermarket, one of course the farmers miss out on. Maybe I am wrong and I hope that I am but my thinking is that these scientist could be used in other areas.

On other news, I keep forgetting to carry my phone to count my steps for Fat Mum Slim's Make Life Good stepping challenge. I really think that I need to invest in a fitbit or something like it. 
I am also headed on the right track for this months personal challenge in drinking more water. I could do better, but I am drinking more than usual. Today I will make it a priority to up the anti for myself and my health. 

So how are you going on your health challenges for 2017 ?
Are you on track ? 
Are you yet to begin ?

I am sure that like me once the kids are back to school, and husbands back to work that our routines will be more stable and much more easy to achieve. Good luck, and I am hoping that this first week of the new year is being to  kind to you all.

beck xx

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